Onuge & Secret Strips is pleased to participate in the largest cosmetics industry exhibition in Japan — COSME TOKYO. We will present our whitening and physical anti-wrinkle products at Booth 32-11. The fair will be held in Japan Muzhang International Exhibition hall from January 20 to 22, 2020. With more than 20 years of advanced experience and several patented core technologies, we are confident to offer professional and customized solutions to you.

Incredible Teeth Whitening Experience

Onuge is preparing to present some of its most excellent teeth whitening products in the exhibition. You will be able to try out the range of Onuge teeth whitening products, such as professional teeth whitening powder, fruit-flavored teeth whitening pen, teeth whitening strips, etc. Snow Teeth Whitening LED Light Gel Home Kit is our latest product. The kit includes a LEDlight accelerator, which can speed up the whitening process and remove stains such as coffee, wine, soda, tea, and smoke.

We will customize different solutions according to different oral and dental conditions of clients so that each customer can enjoy a unique treatment. Onuge teeth whitening product features a mild formula, suitable for all users. It smells fragrant and fresh. There is no pain and stimulation when it is used. A 30-minute treatment course every day will produce an excellent effect for you.

30 Minutes to Witness the Wrinkle Removal Effect

More than that, you can try a series of anti-aging products during the exhibition. During the event, each participant can try Onuge anti-wrinkle product series, such as under-eye anti-aging hydrogel eye patches, forehead patches, facial masks, and so on. Among them, the Onuge Under Eye Anti-aging Patches is the perfect solution for your day-to-day skincare. The patented “matrix elastic fiber” structure, consisting of liquid crystal microgel, has an anti-aging effect. It can last for 24 hours and will continue to provide a 5% gold moisturizing effect. The most significant feature of our anti-aging products is the invisible design, which can be worn with you and is very convenient.

Leveraging advanced formulas and technologies, these anti-aging patches deliver essential nutrients to your skin, which can quickly eliminate wrinkles. Adding such kind of hydrogel patches to your daily skin regimen can help to prevent natural aging, providing you with a better cosmetic experience.

The most significant benefit you can reap from this showcase is that you can try whitening and anti-aging products on-site and get the results in less than 30 minutes. Besides, it is the best opportunity for you if you want to find a cooperator. Because Onuge hopes to improve brand awareness through this exhibition, attract more honest regional agents to work together for mutual benefit and win-win results.

On the strength of biotechnology achievements, Onuge & Secret Strips is specializing in the research and development of teeth whitening and skincare products. And we are committed to the study of oral health and innovative beauty solutions to serve our clients best. So, do not miss Onuge & Secret Strips’s free trial of innovative products. See you at COSME TOKYO, Booth 32-11!