A Hollywood smile may be the yearning of many people showing beautiful bright teeth. For that, cosmetic teeth whitening may help a lot while it is more than doing it by common sense that we think is right. Here are five tips you should know before you get gleaming.

1. Get a checkup first

When it comes to cosmetic teeth whitening, it is crucial to have a detailed dental exam first. Here comes the reason. Dental problems such as gum disease, as well as cavities, will lead to the incompleteness of the enamel layer, which is the target area of peroxide-based cosmetic teeth whitening. During the process of the gleaming, the whitening gel will leach into the nerve tissue inside the enamel layer, and even cause irreversible damage. Therefore, before you get the cosmetic teeth whitening, remember to have an oral care exam and address those dental problems.

2. Toothpaste alone can not do the trick

Many people brush their teeth every morning and every night out of habit, without learning the exact function of the toothpaste first. In effect, the toothpaste that claims to gleam our teeth to the fullest does not really have the magic. Although some may have the whitening formula, they can not stay on the teeth long enough to take effect. What’s more, toothpaste can not change the interior color of your teeth intrinsically and effectively. Instead, they only remove those surface stains from things like coffee by using abrasive ingredients. What’s worse, some whitening formulas may make your teeth sensitive over time.

3. Try mild teeth whitening products at home

People tend to pursue obvious effects in a short time nowaday. So doing the cosmetic teeth whitening in one day with state-of-the-art technology at home is popular with them. It is a nice choice to use some mild products while some other way, like too much laser treatment, may cause damage to your teeth.
Take Snow Teeth Whitening LED Light Gel Home Kit as an example. This kit includes an advanced LED accelerator, gentle cosmetic teeth whitening gel, and soft silicone mouth tray. On the credit side, it not only can speed up the whole bleaching process but effectively remove the stains on our teeth from coffee, wine, soda, tea, and so on. Just follow the instruction on the packet carefully, and you can make your teeth as bright as possible at home.

4. Pay special attention to your daily diet

Despite whitening treatment, controlling your daily intake of foods and beverages is also essential. For one thing, certain foods and drinks such as coffee, wine, tea, and juice may lead to tooth discoloration. For that, limiting them or cutting them out of your diet can do the trick. For another, some foods like strawberries, nuts, cauliflower, and seeds can assist the teeth whitening process. Interestingly, paying particular attention to your daily diet contributes to not only your figure but also your teeth.

5. Maintain teeth whitening and care

Cosmetic Teeth whitening demands commitment as well as maintenance. To avoid your sparkle losing its luster, you are supposed to use whitening treatment at home at regular intervals. For example, Wholesale Bright White Count Oil Advanced Teeth Whitening Dry Strips can be a good option. Due to the superior adhesion of this cosmetic teeth whitening dry strip, users can do any vigorous exercises such as running and even swimming, let alone daily drinking and speaking. Keep using this product to maintain the ideal outcome of the cosmetic teeth whitening and take good care of your teeth every day.