Recently, coconut oil has attracted much attention. Some topics that coconut oil is good for our body and coconut oil can clean and whiten teeth while helping to prevent tooth decay are hotly debated. In this article, we will reveal the secret of how coconut oil whitens our teeth.


About coconut oil

Coconut oil is obtained by refining and extracting coconut pulp which is one of the most abundant sources of saturated fat in the world. Coconut oil is the only oil in our daily food composed of medium-chain fatty acids. It can be easily digested and absorbed because Medium-chain fat molecules are smaller than the long-chain fat molecules of other foods. The digestion of dietary coconut oil does not require the use of the human pancreatic digestive enzyme system, which is conducive to improving the efficiency of metabolism.


Benefits of coconut oil

Many benefits associated with coconut oil are directly caused by lauric acid. In a survey that tested 30 different fatty acids and compared their ability to fight bacteria, it is found that lauric acid is the most effective fatty acids. Lauric acid is a medium-chain fatty acid, accounting for almost 50% of coconut oil. Our body breaks down lauric acid into a compound called laurate which can kill harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses in the body.

As lauric acid has sound bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects, coconut oil is good for reducing plaque and resist gum disease. The leading cause of our gum disease is plaque accumulation caused by harmful bacteria in the mouth. According to a study, coconut oil significantly reduced plaque buildup and signs of gingivitis in 60 participants with plaque-induced gum disease (5Trusted Source).


Furthermore, extracting oil from coconut can help prevent cavities and tooth loss by attacking harmful oral bacteria, Streptococcus mutans and Lactobacillus which cause tooth decay.

Onuge Tooth whitening strips with Coconut Oil

Given the bactericidal and whitening effect of coconut oil, it is widely used in toothpaste and tooth strips to achieve teeth whitening.


Onuge tooth whitening strips produced by us are an example of adding coconut oil. As the only manufacturer mastered this technology, we can sincerely guarantee its whitening effect. After using the product for 14 days, you will be surprised to see the change of your teeth.


Our dental gel is dry and non-sticky, but when it comes into contact with teeth, it will produce excellent adhesion immediately. The super high adhesion of the teeth is impressive, ensuring that the rack does not fall on the teeth. No matter you are swimming or running, it will not cause the rack to fall. What’s more, the use of tooth whitening strips will not affect speech and drinking water, so you can enjoy more comfortable tooth whitening.

We hope this article can be helpful for you to know more about coconut oil. If you need more information about our coconut oil teeth whitening strips, please contact us.