Tooth whitening is now loved by many people since it not only makes yourself clean and refreshed but also helps you leave a positive and healthy impression on others.

With people’s increasingly strong pursuit of beauty, various industries that help beautify people are quietly emerging, and tooth whitening is one of them that people prefer and rely on. Teeth whitening kit comes out to be one “magic tool” in this trend, providing an innovative and efficient way of pursuing beauty.

Teeth Whitening Kit

Now a lot of household tooth whitening suits are launched on the market. They can solve the tooth discoloration and yellowness caused by long-term drinking of tea, coffee, red wine, or smoking.

Tooth whitening is mainly attributed to the peroxide. The peroxide whitening ingredient is applied on the surface of teeth, which produces free radicals through the oxidation-reduction of peroxide, then changes the carbon ring structure of pigment, and makes teeth pale and white.

The teeth whitening kit products could be effective in one or two weeks after applying, effects lasting for about half a year. In short, the teeth whitening kit has the advantages of a short time, quick effect, convenient use, safety, and moderate price.

Onuge Teeth Whitening Kit

Recently, Onuge has established five different teeth whitening kits for diverse applying scenes.

FDA Approved Support Private Logo Teeth Whitening Pen OEM Kit

This kit is in all white color covered in a black package. It includes three teeth whitening gels, one silicone tray, and one blue LED light. It has gone through the strict FDA test and been approved, which makes you at ease with the safety of the whitening gels. One prominent feature of it is that it supports private logo design, in which way it might be given out as gifts or some kinds of rewards. 


Organic Coal Powder and Teeth Whitening Gel Pens Wholesale Teeth Whitening Kit

The black designed kit concludes one activated charcoal teeth whitening powder and three teeth whitening gel pen. It is provided for simple daily use.


CE FDA Approved Bleaching Teeth Whitening Gel Pen Tooth Polishing Kit

For this new set, it comes along with one teeth whitening tray, three teeth whitening gels, as well as teeth whitening toothpaste. It ensures the rapid effect of teeth whitening as well as a long-term caring for your teeth.


Dentist Use Only 0.1-35% Peroxide Teeth Whitening Gel 2-10ml White Teeth Strips Kit

This teeth whitening set is specially designed for dentists. It provides excellent comfortableness and high efficiency. Fourteen teeth whitening strips and teeth whitening gel pen have been covered in the set.

New Revolutionary Product Instant White Strips Teeth Whitening Light Teeth Whitening Kit

This is a kit including fourteen teeth whitening strips and one teeth whitening LED as well as one charging line. It’s for long-term use at home to keep your teeth white.

All of these sets include the ingredients of 6% HP/no peroxide available. They stick to the following principles for teeth whitening:

The cold blue light accelerates the regeneration of the active oxygen, stimulates ingredients, and eliminates the pigments within several minutes, therefore whitens your teeth more rapidly. This ensures an instant and effective result of the teeth whitening kit.

The set could be applied to active the stain remover and strengthens the teeth, which makes you sure that this way to whiten your teeth is undoubtedly scientific and healthy. Up till now, all the new sets have been clinically proven safe and effective.

We are a professional teeth whitening and anti-wrinkle product manufacturer who has accumulated 20 years of professional research and development experience. All of the new teeth whitening kit could be wholesaled. You might get to know more about Onuge if interested in any of them.