Onuge will bring all of its exclusive products to attend the 127th Online Canton Fair from June 15 to 24, 2020. The teeth whitening products and wrinkle removal products will be finally shown during the event at booth No: 16.2c24-25.

This year the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 leads to the deep crisis of international trade. To let foreign trade enterprises overcome this chaotic scenario, the Canton Fair (also known as The China Import and Export Fair) decided to organize a redesigned online edition in the middle of June this year.

The Canton Fair is a comprehensive international trade fair with the highest diversity and scale of products globally. Since its creation, the Canton fair has made countless cross-border collaborations possible, and it is a renowned exhibition. Although the trading model is primarily export-oriented, there are also dedicated events and stands for import business. Furthermore, it can also hold various forms of economic and technical cooperation and exchanges, as well as business activities such as commodity inspection, insurance, transportation, advertising, consultation, etc.

The 127th Online Canton Fair
















Teeth whitening effect

On this super stage, we Onuge is preparing to present our ideas for teeth whitening products at the fair, such as the professional teeth whitening powder, teeth whitening

pen, teeth whitening gel strips, teeth whitening toothpaste, and so on. We have just released our new teeth whitening home sets, which includes a LED light accelerator that speeds the whitening process and eliminates stains on the teeth.


Different solutions, according to diverse oral and dental conditions, will be customized online so that you can enjoy the unique treatment. With sweet and fresh smell, Onuge teeth whitening products are mild in formula and suitable for all users. There is no pain or irritation, and only 30 minutes of treatment will have a positive effect on your teeth.


Wrinkle removal effect

In addition, you can witness the wrinkle removal effect brought by our anti-wrinkle microcrystal facial mask during the online exhibition. The function of the anti-aging secret strips is the perfect answer to your desire for better skincare.

This product is the first cosmetic in the world to embed the concentrated microcrystalline into the three-dimensional cellular elastic fiber net. The patented “matrix elastic fiber” structure is composed of liquid crystal microgel and has an anti-aging effect. Besides, it is the first anti-aging product in the world that uses external force to fight wrinkles. When these anti-wrinkle goggles are applied to the face, the temperature on the face will drive the condensed microcrystals to extend in six directions.


Through this physical movement, the wrinkles are stretched and eventually disappear. The release of the Centella Asiatica extract, amino acid, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and other nutrients, soothe and moisturize the skin. It can last 24 hours and will continue to provide a 5% golden moisturizing effect. 

Attending this presentation, you will be given more detailed information about Onuge’s anti-wrinkle microcrystal facial mask and teeth whitening products online.

With the achievements of biotechnology, Onuge for over 20 years has been committed to the research of oral health and innovative beauty solutions. We hope to improve brand awareness through this exhibition and attract more honest regional agents to work together to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Don’t miss the online exhibition by the 127th Online Canton Fair on June 15 to 24, available 24 hours a day, at booth No. 16.2c24-25.