Having whiter teeth can indirectly improve our lives. It is essential for all of us to take care of our dentition better. In the first place, teeth whitening is important for our health. White teeth are the expression of oral and dental hygiene, which can prevent us from contracting many diseases. 


In the second place, teeth whitening can enhance self-confidence through a beautiful and healthy smile. In our lives, many people are bothered by unhealthy yellow teeth that make them afraid to smile. Feeling ashamed to open our mouth can lead to severe depression.


In this article, we are going to talk about why teeth whitening is such important for you. We will do that, first by talking about the reason behind your teeth turning yellow. Secondly, we will present a short market overview and suggest some remedies on how to whiten your teeth. 

Why do your teeth turn yellow?

Experts state that there are two leading causes for teeth to turn yellow: internal factors and external reasons. 

Internal factors are conditioned primarily from aging. Growing older also affects teeth coloration and can be caused by a person lifestyle or genetics. Other elements could be taking medications and drugs. There are different antibiotics (Tetracycline and Doxycycline) that can destroy the enamel and leave your teeth more susceptible to discoloring. Another notable circumstance when teeth turn yellow is the Xerostomia. This particular condition lower salivation levels and prevent the enamel from having the nourishment from healthy bacteria-fighting agents.


On the other hand, external reasons are connected to smoking, acidic drinks, poor eating habits, and oral hygiene. The chemical reaction between saliva secreted by oral cavity and substances such as wine and coffee, can deteriorate our teeth. Smoking is also an aspect that negatively influences our oral hygiene. Substances in drinks or nicotine in cigarettes produce plaque and tartar, leading teeth to turn yellow or black slowly. 

Tooth whitening Market


For many people, white teeth represent youth, self-confidence, beauty, and success. Usually, people believe that a bright smile with white teeth will improve their personal and working life. At the same time, the research has shown that people prefer whitening teeth to natural color teeth.


Elleven, a dental clinic in London, found that 84% of people are under increasing pressure to have a perfect smile as more adults and celebrities seek orthodontic treatment. With more celebrities sharing the shining smile on a social media platform, consumers are more eager to teeth whitening.


Another reason for the growth of the teeth whitening market includes improving the understanding of oral health. In modern society, more and more attention has been paid to the topics related to teeth whitening, which leads to the increasing demand for aesthetic treatment. Since a great number of consumers are looking for advanced and targeted dental care solutions, the overall demand for tooth whitening products is promoted, leading to the continuous high growth of the market.

How to whiten teeth? 


In general, teeth can be kept white by cleaning them every day. However, many people still have yellow teeth after brushing. For this reason, some products are utilized to help teeth quickly regain the original whiteness. 

Onuge is a professional organization for the production and development of oral care products, with strong biotechnology development ability. We are releasing a wide range of whitening teeth products, including tooth whitening powder, tooth whitening strips, tooth whitening pen, and so on. 


Our tooth whitening solutions release atomic oxygen through hydrogen peroxide to bleach teeth, while maintaining the enamel’s integrity. They can be effective right away after a short period of application. 


If you have tooth whitening needs or wholesale demands for tooth whitening products, you are welcome to contact Onuge.