On the way to whiten the teeth, tremendous methods have been used by the public, such as laser whitening, tooth washing, whitening strips and whitening powder, etc. Among them, teeth whitening powder is a product with functions to remove stains of smoking, coffee, tea, drink wine and you could whiten your teeth by daily use of it. One popular type of it is called activated bamboo charcoal teeth whitening powder.

However, does the activated charcoal truly work for teeth whitening? What is its functioning principle behind? Here I would like to discuss the questions with you.

Activated charcoal refers to a fine-grained black powder made from a variety of natural substances, including olive pits, coconut shells, peat, and slowly burned wood. With advanced pore structure, large surface area and rich surface chemical groups, activated charcoal has strong adsorption capacity. By using the attraction of microporous structure, it can adsorb the organic molecules or molecular groups distributed on the surface of the object, so as to achieve the effect of purification or whitening.

Activated bamboo charcoal is one of the main components of the activated bamboo charcoal teeth whitening powder. The working principle of Onuge activated bamboo charcoal teeth whitening powder is to force the activated charcoal to absorb the residues of coffee, tea, red wine and some dirt on the teeth surface, then remove them to achieve the whitening effect.

To use the powder, you could simply make your toothbrush wet and put out some teeth powder on your teeth. Gently brush your teeth for about two or three minutes, then all sides would be whitening. Brush again with water to remove the residue and remember to deeply clean your teeth with water. Just a little bit of Onuge activated charcoal powder for each brushing can make you find this product a great value.

After knowing the principle of the teeth whitening powder, there are several precautions for using activated charcoal powder on teeth you still need to learn.

It is reported that the overuse of activated charcoal products can lead to teeth erosion or wear down the enamel; therefore, it has the necessity to use them cautiously. The ADA recommends choosing toothpaste with a relative dentin abrasivity (RDA) level of 250 or less.

In addition, frequent and vigorous use of toothbrush dipped in activated charcoal powder to brush your teeth can also cause terrible consequences for your teeth. To reduce abrasiveness, you need to rub activated charcoal on your teeth very gently.

Finally, to better fit in with activated charcoal powder teeth whitening products, consider checking in with your dentist before using to determine if it’s the right choice for you.

Our Bamboo Coconut Charcoal Powder Activated Teeth Whitening Powder is safe and effective. The activated bamboo charcoal teeth whitening powder contains descaling molecules and whitening elastomer, which will not damage the enamel layer and gums. What’s more, there could be a great whitening effect if you use it twice a day for several weeks. If you want your white teeth back, Onuge is always here for you.