With the improvement of living standard, people’s pursuit of beauty is increasing. As a result, teeth whitening is of increasing importance bringing the huge market for teeth whitening industry.

People, so far, have utilized all the methods to make teeth more white, such as using teeth whitening kits, laser whitening, tooth washing, and so forth. Among all these methods, using the laser to wash teeth has proved to be the most effective.

However, laser whitening is not without disadvantages. You need to make an appointment with your dentist and go to the clinic, which can be a waste of time and inconvenient. As for other teeth whitening products, such as whitening powders or strips, they can save your trouble for visiting your dentist but take a long time to make an impact on your teeth.


After weighing all the pros and cons, teeth whitening kits stand out among all teeth whitening products and methods. Even lots of famous American celebrities, like Kylie Jenner and Conor McGregor, try and recommend them to the public on their Instagram. Let’s take a closer look at how magical this teeth whitening kit is.


How to use it?

The teeth whitening kit usually includes a LED light accelerator that speeds up the whitening process, 3 packs of 3ml teeth whitening gel, a silicone mouth tray, and an instruction manual.

As a matter of fact, you don’t need any professional skills to operate it. The first step to use a home whitening kit is to attach the mouth tray to the LED light, evenly spread well-proportioned teeth whitening gel on the top and bottom of the tray. As you processed, you can put it in your mouth and press the start button.

For the best results, a stain eraser can be adopted before the whitening treatment. After all steps have been done, just enjoy the magic that a 10-minute whitening process gives you a bright smile.


Is it safe?

It is definitely safe. The gel of the home whitening kit carries a very low proportion of HP, and there is no peroxide available; thus, it is safe for human beings. As for the mouth guard, it is comfortable and soft for your teeth since it is made of silicone.


But there is still something that you need to be wary of. You have to keep an eye on children for avoiding swallowing the gel, after all, it is not food. Also, people under16 years old or who are pregnant and breastfeeding are not allowed to use the Onuge teeth whitening kit


How is the result?

Compared to other teeth whitening products, like whitening strips and whitening powder, home whitening kit is more effective and in 10-minute to go results.

We’ve been collecting feedback from Onuge teeth whitening kits users. The fact is that the whitening effect is very satisfactory —- the teeth whitening kits are said to make teeth at least two shades whiter after the first week. It is recommended that you should do one session every 2 weeks to keep up your results.

Come and embrace the professional teeth whitening kit endorsed by celebrities. The teeth whitening kit is capable of eliminating the pigments from Coffee, tobacco, tetracycline, food coloring, aging, etc. within several minutes. Employed our patent core technology, the home teeth whitening kit allows you to see visible and instant whitening results with just one treatment in a safer and more effective way.


We, Onuge, is a professional teeth whitening and anti-wrinkle product manufacturer with 20 years of research and development experience. If you have more problems with the professional teeth whitening kit, please don’t hesitate to contact us.