As time goes by, it seems inevitable that wrinkles will appear on our faces. Eye lines, forehead wrinkles, nasolabial folds, and so on remind us that we are getting older. Although we can’t stop aging, we can alleviate wrinkles to make ourselves look younger. Some people use cosmetics to hide their wrinkles, while others use anti-wrinkle patches such as eye masks.

In fact, just using cosmetics or choosing anti-wrinkle patches blindly will not work. To alleviate wrinkles effectively, the first step is to figure out what causes wrinkles. Initially, it is vital to get familiar with the skin structure. Our skin has three layers, the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue from the outside to the inside.

The two essential substances that have a significant impact on the state of the skin are elastin and collagen fibers contained in the dermis. Elastin keeps our skin elastic while collagen provides strength.



With information about the skin structure, we can analyze the aging process and how cosmetics and anti-wrinkle patches work. The aging process can also be divided into two types, intrinsic aging, and extrinsic aging.

First of all, intrinsic aging is a natural process of aging in our bodies. Genetic factors, instead of external factors, influence it. So neither cosmetics nor anti-wrinkle strips can prevent it from happening.

From the age of twenty, our skin becomes fragile and loses its elasticity because of less collagen. As a result, any stretching of the skin may cause wrinkles. By the age of thirty, fat cells will shrink because of the slower moisture transfer, and the skin will look dull. The reduction of sebum also makes wrinkles more noticeable.

When we are forty, collagen production stops, making it more difficult for skin cells to regenerate. After age fifty, fat loss in subcutaneous tissue and menopause leaves skin thin and vulnerable. These, combined with reduced circulation, lead to wrinkles, sagging, and pigmentation problems.

Cosmetics just let wrinkles not be so visible. By contrast, anti-wrinkle patches are more effective. They manage to promote the growth of collagen by supplementing with nutrients.

However, intrinsic aging is very slow. Most of the wrinkles are because of extrinsic aging, which is what we need to pay more attention to in our daily lives. Here are some of the common factors.

One reason is some repeated habit. When we make repeated facial expressions, the contraction of facial muscles results in wrinkles. For instance, the smile may deepen nasolabial folds and eye lines. Keep sleeping on the same side can cause wrinkles, too.

Another bad habit is smoking. Due to the nicotine in cigarettes, the blood cells in the outermost layer of the epidermis will shrink. Therefore, the skin will lose oxygen and nutrients like vitamin A. 

Besides, extrinsic aging is influenced by the environment. Pollution causes free radicals to take electrons from other molecules in our bodies. It changes the chemical structure and biological function and accelerates aging.

Moreover, sun exposure also affects the formation of wrinkles. If UVA rays penetrate deep into the dermis, collagen and elastin will break down. What’s worse, in addition to lines, sun exposure can cause sunburn, pigmentation, and even skin cancer.

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