The teeth must be white to show the beauty of a person’s face, and it will not give people the false impression of “not brushing their teeth”, but many people have teeth that are not white, so they will perform tooth whitening work. Teeth whitening strip is one of the more common methods. But the teeth whitening strip should be used with caution?

Some whitening methods cannot be used or used as little as possible. For example, the teeth whitening strip method should be used correctly according to the condition of your teeth, because there are other whitening methods besides the whitening toothpaste, such as cold light whitening and porcelain teeth and so on.

In fact, teeth whitening strips are patches that whiten teeth, because it is simple and convenient to use, so many people use it, don’t you know, not everyone can use it. The stomatological hospital says to be careful with whitening strips. Because whitening strips can whiten teeth quickly.

Teeth Whitening Strip

The whitening tooth strip contains a plastic film layer and an elastic gel layer to peel off the backing layer. The plastic film is transparent and has the shape suitable for the user’s teeth. The plastic film has regular or irregular shape bars, squares, circles, rhomboids, or shallow pits with all patterns on it. It ACTS as a barrier to saliva and protects the elastic gel layer.

The elastic gel layer contains peroxide as a tooth whitening agent, a plant whitening factor, and a hydrophilic elastic gel with high viscosity that can form an elastic film. The release backing layer is a transparent or opaque plastic sheet coated with a stabilizer that maintains the elasticity of the gel.

Some people are born with underdeveloped tooth enamel, but they are not aware of it. The enamel on the surface of the tooth ACTS as a protector of the inner dentin. Therefore, after these people use tooth whitening patches, certain components in the toothpaste may damage the enamel and cause damage to the tooth surface.

At present, the ingredients contained in the tooth whitening pastes on the market are uncertain. Some tooth whitening pastes use hydrogen peroxide as the main component. The use of hydrogen peroxide is likely to cause damage to the tooth surface and cause unevenness. Before using the tooth whitening patch, you should go to the hospital for an examination or ask a doctor. It must be used strictly in accordance with the instructions on the manual.

The above information is provided by teeth whitening strips factory.