First, we need to understand a basic situation of teeth, and then talk about our top priority today, how to whiten teeth.

Teeth are our hardest organs.

Teeth are mainly divided into three parts: the crown, neck, and root. It is divided into tooth enamel (enamel), dentin (ivory), the dental pulp (nerve gland), and so on. The outer layer of the crown is tooth enamel.

The main component of teeth is calcium hydroxy phosphate Ca10(OH)2(PO4)6. This is the reason why I just said that we should drink less carbonated beverages because it will chemically react with our teeth.

Hydroxy Calcium Phosphate is also a component of bones, which is weakly dissolved in water, which is the main cause of tooth damage.

Generally speaking, our teeth are white, but the fully calcified enamel is actually a bit translucent, and our race determines that our dentin is light yellow, so the final tooth color is faintly yellow Yes, so the teeth of such normal people are generally slightly yellow.

In fact, there are more and more techniques and methods for teeth whitening. Here, you can do it at home or go to the hospital.

Let me talk about teeth whitening that only dentists can do at present:

Cold light whitening

Porcelain teeth


Teeth sandblasted

Active tooth bleaching

At present, it is roughly divided into these types. I won’t explain too much here today. In fact, it is mainly expensive, and nothing else. If there is a cute person who wants to perform this kind of teeth whitening, it is recommended to consult a doctor in a professional hospital and choose according to your own situation.

Today, I will mainly tell you the teeth whitening that we can do at home:

Teeth Whitening Powder

Teeth Whitening Powder

In fact, the effective ingredients of toothpaste and toothpaste are basically the same, but because of the paste-like form of toothpaste, it must be added with a lot of water and moisturizer, which reduces the effect of the effective ingredients to a certain extent, and the whitening effect is also It’s a big discount.

Tooth powder is mainly used to remove tartar, plaque, and calculus. Although it has a whitening effect, it is recommended to use it under the guidance of a dentist. It should be noted that teeth should be used with caution if there is a disease.

Teeth Whitening Pen

Teeth Whitening Pen

Apply after brushing. After brushing, dry the surface of the teeth and squeeze the whitening gel onto the brush by rotating the end clockwise. Apply tooth whitening gel evenly on upper and lower teeth. Rinse with water after 30 minutes.

Teeth Whitening Strip

Teeth Whitening Strip

This should be the most cost-effective, and the most convenient to operate by yourself. You only need to put the dental film on the teeth. It does not require too expensive whitening costs. The disadvantage is to maintain the effect worse.