Frequent use of tooth powder to wash your teeth will inevitably cause tooth damage. It is thought that our normal teeth have a strong anti-acid ability, but after the erosion of the toothpaste, the anti-acid ability of our teeth will be reduced, and many people will also experience bleeding in the gums. These are all caused by the use of dentifrice. In addition, the frequent use of tooth powder to wash teeth may also damage the protective film of the teeth. As a result, the health of our teeth is very vulnerable to threats.

How to buy tooth powder

Tooth powder becomes alkaline, and there will be a little astringent feeling after use (it is normal). Tooth powder is unqualified or deteriorated. The most obvious feature is that the powder particles contained in it will be relatively large. Using such tooth powder will cause damage to the gums. Therefore, when choosing tooth powder, you must be cautious and choose an authoritative brand of tooth powder products with anti-counterfeiting labels.

Tooth Powder

What to pay attention to when using tooth powder

After the tooth powder is immersed in the water, using it to rinse your mouth can also clean your teeth, so you don’t have to carry a toothbrush. Therefore, tooth powder is more suitable for people who often travel outside.

It should be noted that after rinsing your mouth with toothpowder, you must rinse your mouth with clean water, because toothpowder contains granular ingredients, if not dissolved in water, it will wear teeth.

Tooth powder can whiten teeth in a short period of time, but it should be noted that if the teeth are diseased, they should be used with caution.

For people who have tartar or long-term smoking that causes their teeth to be black and yellow, ordinary toothpaste can hardly satisfy the effect of cleaning and beauty. At this time, you might as well try tooth powder. But be careful not to use it for a long time.

People who have tooth wounds and oral ulcers should use it with caution to avoid unnecessary damage. Using too much tooth powder at one time will take too much time for brushing, and the astringency in the mouth will be stronger. I advise here Everyone should use the right amount of tooth powder.

The above information is provided by teeth whitening powder manufacturers.