Having white teeth makes you smile with a lot more confidence! I have to say that those with white teeth look really good when they smile! In addition, most modern people can not live without cigarettes, coffee, tea, and over time, the yellowing of teeth is normal. People who smoke, drink tea or coffee are likely to get plaque on their teeth, and the color of their teeth will become darker. There are also food residues and carbonated drinks that slowly generate plaque and can be very damaging to tooth enamel if left unattended.

This toothpowder, as a whitening product, not only whitens your teeth, but also cleans them and restores their whiteness, eliminates bacteria and toxins, and removes bad breath! Tartar is also an important source of bad breath.

It looks a little strange to brush it up very black, but the black of the tooth powder is actually made of activated charcoal from coconut shells, not to look so black, whitening, antibacterial effect but fast and significant. It also has a slightly grainy feel when used, and is designed to better remove dirt from the top of the teeth.
The cleaning strength of activated charcoal is quite reassuring, otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many black activated charcoal cleaning masks. Seeing that same dark powder, you’ve probably already guessed its activated charcoal content, and it’s a fluoride-free tooth powder. The advantage is that it does not cause osteoporosis, does not irritate the teeth, and mainly cleans the mouth and fights bacteria.

Bamboo coconut charcoal powder active teeth whitening powder contains calcium phosphate, activated bamboo charcoal, charcoal powder with HCS whitening ingredients, unique DTS, active formula double protection formula, classic mint, and lemon flavor.

Bamboo Coconut Charcoal Powder Activated Teeth Whitening Powder

How to use teeth whitening powder?

For frequency of use, once or twice a day, apply a small amount of whitening toothpaste to your toothbrush. Then, place it on the surface of your teeth, and make gentle circular motions for about two minutes, rinse your mouth with water. For those who have more serious oral problems, or who are determined to make an effort to care for their teeth, it is best to brush again with toothpaste after using the powder to reinforce the effect.
Works better with teeth whitening toothpaste or our other teeth whitening products!

Use together with Onuge teeth whitening charcoal strips, you will see an even better and faster effect.
Long term use of these products shall help to keep periodontal problems away.

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