Some people unknowingly find that there are a lot of wrinkles on their foreheads, but they are not too old. This is not due to age, but due to lifestyle habits. For example, some people smoke and drink for a long time, often stay up late and so on. Why are there wrinkles on the forehead? Here is a brief introduction to everyone.

Anti-Wrinkle Forehead Patch

1. Sleep on your back

Lying on your side or sleeping on your stomach can easily cause fine lines on your face. Imagine squeezing your face and pillow together for a long time all night, and fine lines are naturally inevitable. Although lying on your back is better for your skin, it is unrealistic to maintain your posture throughout your sleep. We don’t want you to sleep well all night because you are worried about lying on your back or on your side, because the skin’s self-repair during sleep is very important. Change the pillow to silk and let yourself lie on your back when you are conscious, but if this affects your sleep, then forget about it, how comfortable it is to sleep.

2. Excessive cleaning

The oil secreted by the skin is necessary to protect the water and oil balance of the skin. If you clean your face too frequently or use too strong cleansing products, it is easy to peel off the healthy oils on the face, causing the skin’s moisture to evaporate without hindrance. The water-oil balance of healthy skin must be maintained, which can keep the skin soft and effectively help the skin stay away from fine lines.

3. Frowning

Repeating the same expression can easily cause “profound” expression lines on the skin, especially frowning. Try to be vigilant and place a small mirror directly opposite the desk to remind yourself not to frown frequently. If you do, you may see more improvement in your skin, not just fine lines.

4. Squint

People will always squint their eyes unconsciously when the sunlight is too strong to open their eyes, or when they have poor eyesight and need to work hard to see something. Frequent squinting can easily lead to fine lines around the eyes. To avoid this, make sure to wear sunglasses under bright light. If you are troubled by nearsightedness and farsightedness, finding an optometrist with suitable glasses is a serious matter to avoid squinting frequently.

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