The law pattern will make you look very old, why do we produce the law pattern? Is there any way to eliminate the law lines? Come and have a look~

Reasons for the appearance of law lines

1. The effects of skin aging

As age increases, the elasticity of dermal collagen gradually weakens, and the skin under the face from the nasolabial fold to the mandibular margin gradually relaxes, and the effect of gravity becomes more and more obvious, which will also deepen the nasolabial fold.

2. The effect of repeated movements of the zygomatic major and minor muscles

The nasolabial fold is located on the outer side of the orbicularis orbicularis muscle and the outer side of the fusion of the levator labi muscle and the zygomatic major muscle. During your life, you will repeatedly exercise these muscles when you do facial expressions so that the nasolabial folds will gradually become obvious and gradually change from dynamic to static.

3. The impact of soft tissue atrophy

As we age, soft tissues such as skeletal muscles and fat will gradually shrink, making the local skin relatively redundant and sinking, which will deepen the nasolabial fold.

Remove Nasolabial Folds Facial Masks

How to eliminate legal lines

1. Use the right skincare products

When choosing skin care products, we should pay attention to choosing some skincare products that can promote the regeneration of facial collagen, which can promote the regeneration of facial muscles, keep the skin in a firm state, and delay the generation of wrinkles. Some skincare products that promote keratin metabolism on the face can improve superficial wrinkles.

2. Correct sleeping position

When sleeping, we all pay attention to the “beauty sleep”, and some incorrect sleeping postures should be discarded in time. When sleeping, try to choose the way of sleeping on your back. If you lie on your side, your facial muscles will squeeze the pillow, which will deepen wrinkles to a certain extent. It is best to choose a soft and breathable silk pillow for pillow, which can reduce wrinkles.

3. Control the emoji

Our facial expressions will affect the direction of facial muscles, and overly exaggerated expressions will make the nasolabial pattern climb on the face. People who habitually have facial movements such as curling their mouths, frowning, etc. should also pay attention to them. These movements will accelerate the production of nasolabial folds. Girls who laugh a lot should also pay attention to avoid excessive facial movements, otherwise, it will make your face more likely to appear on your face.

Remove nasolabial folds facial mask

1) Skincare products for anti-aging repair through external tissue manipulation.

2) Patented “matrix elastic fiber” structure, composed of liquid crystal microcrystalline gel,

Has an anti-aging effect.

3) Anti-aging skincare products that can be used continuously for 24 hours and continue

Provides a 5% golden moisturizing effect.

4) Anti-aging skincare products that will not dry for 5,000 hours at room temperature, and

100% water-soluble.

5) Anti-aging skincare products with ergonomically structured facial muscles and wrinkle areas.

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