Previously little attention to teeth whitening, dental care is also based on the daily morning and evening brush, until the last time and friends gathered for a group photo, we all smile is very happy, smile beauty, the key to teeth, who want to have white and healthy teeth, the choice of effective teeth whitening products is particularly important.

Advantages of Teeth Whitening Pen

*Whiten teeth in 5mins                        

*No stimulation and enamel-safe

*Easy to carry and use, quick and comfortable whitening

*Just twist to release gel onto the built-in brush

*Perfect for bleaching maintenance or stand-alone usage.

*The gel does not dissolve in water or saliva and it can be removed easily by brushing.

Teeth Whitening Pen

Why use Teeth Whitening Pen?

★ GENTLE & EFFECTIVE – Teeth whitening doesn’t need to be painful anymore! With our gentle formula, this painless process does not give you any sensitive reaction on your teeth. It helps remove years of stains and brighten your teeth a few shades whiter with consecutive usages.

★ PROFESSIONAL QUALITY – With our formula, you don’t have to pay for expensive procedures at the dentist, making it a very simple and affordable method to whiten your teeth.

★ REMOVES YEARS OF STAINS – This teeth whitening pen takes away years of stains caused by coffee, tea, soda, smoking, wine and more with its powerful yet gentle ingredients. Finally, you can get the white and bright smile you’ve been waiting for.

★ USE ANYWHERE – The size of the teeth whitening pen is small so that you can easily pack it into your purse or briefcase wherever you go, and use it whenever you want to.

The teeth whitening pen is made of certified materials, which is gentle and safe to use. Its rapid and effective whitening effects can be effectively achieved with Onuge’s high production standards. It is a simple and easy teeth whitening method, which helps you whiten your teeth conveniently every day. The front brush of the pen will coat the whitening liquid onto your teeth’s surface. Then the whitening agent abounding in active oxygen will penetrate into the tubes of enamel and dentin while oxidation-reduction reaction will take place with the stains on the surface and in the root to decompose those stains. Whitening your teeth is not a dream anymore.

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