The corner of the eye wrinkles is a problem that plagues many women, if not dealt with in a timely manner, then the eye wrinkles will continue to develop, thus causing a huge impact on the youthful state of your face and aesthetics, in fact, the appearance of the corner of the eye wrinkles is not difficult to remove, because the stratum corneum is relatively weak and recover quickly. So how to remove wrinkles around the eyes?

How are eye wrinkles produced?

Eye wrinkles are small fine lines and wrinkles formed when the eye skin is affected by the external environment and free radicals are formed, and the free radicals destroy the collagen and active substances in the normal cell membrane tissue and oxidize the cells. They are usually located in the eyelid area, mostly in the outer 1/3 of the upper lid. Due to gravity, skin sagging can occur in the upper lid as the eyelid and skin orbicularis muscle gradually relax, and sometimes in the lower lid as well, and “blisters” can form as the orbital fat herniates from the septum.

Anti-Aging Hydrogel Eye Patches

Bad habits

Such as: do not squint to see things, such as myopia, astigmatism should wear glasses to correct vision; do not often deliberately blink; do not ignore the eyelid puffiness, to check the cause, the right medicine; if weight loss to gradual, because the sudden drop in weight, the skin does not have enough time to adapt to the reduction of body fat, will also cause wrinkles; makeup removal do not pull the skin with force; in a dry environment should be timely replenishment of water, otherwise Wrinkles will also increase. The skin around the eyes can often do eye exercises, such as try to open the eyes wide for a few seconds; slowly close the eyes, to the upper and lower eyelids are about to contact then open, the action should be gentle, repeat five times in a row, a day can be several times.

As we age, all corners of the face may form wrinkles, of which the eye wrinkles have become the most difficult to improve because the eye skin is more sensitive and weak, so the eye wrinkles have become the most difficult to improve, and this time anti-aging hydrogel eye patch is the best magic weapon against eye wrinkles!

Under Eye Anti-Aging Hydrogel Eye Patches With Wrinkle Removing Function

The Onuge Under Eye Anti-aging Patches is the perfect solution for your day-to-day skin care. It’s superior effect on anti-aging repair through external tissue manipulation receives great feedback from Onuge’s consumers.

Each patches adheres under your eyes with ergonomic design to replenish and moisture the skin with proprietary blend of our Secret Strip formula and technology, there are more benefits relating to our Secret Strips series which introduce down below:

1)Anti-aging repair through external tissue manipulation.

2)Patented “Matrix Elastic Fibre” structure, composed of liquid microcrystalline gel producing the anti-aging effects.

3)can be used persistently for 24 hours and continue to provide 5% gold moisturizing.

4)do not dry out at room temperature for 5,000 hours and are 100% water-soluble.

5)ergonomic structure of facial muscles and wrinkles areas.