Since it is just a matter of a few days till the start of the New Year, you are probably making your New Year’s resolution. An important thing to not forget, including in your New Year’s resolution, is taking care of your overall health but, most importantly, your oral hygiene.

Teeth Care While you might already be familiar with the importance of teeth care, we believe it would still be good to include it again as a reminder for the coming year. So even if you had been a little careless in protecting your teeth this year, start taking care of it now, even before the New Year gets started.

This is because since this is the holiday time and the season of festivities is ongoing, you are bound to have access to too much of eating everything. Too much eating means putting the extra workload on your teeth, resulting in your teeth care level getting badly affected.

There are many teeth whitening products on the market such as teeth pen, advanced whitening strips. This article will discuss the importance of teeth care and the safest ways to whiten your teeth.

Challenge of teeth care over New Year’s Day.

While it is time to give a warm welcome to the New Year, the holiday season can make you a little careless in terms of your oral hygiene without you even realizing it.

Here we look at ways in which the New Year time can be challenging for your teeth care.

  1. While we cannot stop you from enjoying loads of sweet dishes, desserts, candies, and drinks, remember that too much of these items can be harsh on your teeth care as they can damage its enamel covering and cause tooth decay.
  2. Almost everyone has tiny gaps and holes in between teeth. So, eating food items such as those with sticky or gum bases can fill these gaps and holes and make it hard to clean them afterward.
  3. Sometimes the candy and few food items are too hard to chew directly. Such items need to be broken into smaller chewable pieces outside your mouth and not inside of it. Thus, using your teeth as some crushing tool can damage your teeth structure as well.
  4. Just because it is the holiday season, and you are too busy attending and hosting parties, does not mean that you skip taking good teeth to care. Staying too much outside and getting home late at night can make you lazy to skip your teeth care routine.

Teeth Care

Tips for white healthy teeth over New Year’s Day

To help you get the most fun out of everything during the holiday season while also fully protecting your oral care, here are a few tips for keeping white healthy teeth over New Year’s Day.

  • To start with, avoid eating food or drinking beverages that might contain intense food colors. This is because food and drink colors can stain your teeth and leave marks that won’t easily go away with a single cleansing.
  • While being outside, it won’t be easy to brush your teeth after every meal. So, make sure to rinse your mouth at least thoroughly with clean water at least three times after every mealtime or a round of drinks.
  • Do not rush on eating everything and that too at once. This might happen at buffet meals but remember that teeth care more important to your overall health than temporarily satisfying your taste buds.
  • Again, there will be events when you choose sweet items and drinks, and that too with an ‘All you can eat’ option. But remember to be wise in selecting to eat only those items that do not make you compromise your oral hygiene.
  • Whenever you brush your teeth, make a pact to yourself to not eat anything in between until the next mealtime. Give your teeth some time to relax and try to retain the protection you get from using oral hygiene products for at least a few hours.
  • As already discussed in the above section, avoid using your teeth as tools to crush hard food items. But aside from this, some people also use their teeth to cut tapes, for example, while decorating and packing gifts at this time, or even removing the caps of drinking bottles instead of using a bottle opener. Realize how much wrong this is and that your teeth aren’t meant for this purpose.

Teeth Care

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