While how you speak and what you speak does make a significant impact on the other people, way before this happens, it is actually your oral hygiene that makes the first impression. Oral hygiene plays an important role in describing your personality and how much other people want to interact with you and listen to your words, especially during a face-to-face or small group discussion.

Even if you have an abundance of knowledge that other people can benefit from during a conversation, slight negligence in terms of oral teeth care can make people stay away from you. One such factor that counts as negligence in oral hygiene has deep stains on teeth. In this article, we tend to talk about how to remove deep stains from teeth, the best stain removers for teeth, and how to whiten your teeth.

Disadvantages of teeth stains

Aside from not giving others a first good look at how much you care for your oral hygiene, teeth stains have many other disadvantages.

  • Teeth stains can signify having cavities in your mouth, which can damage your teeth structure.
  • Teeth stains are also related to gingivitis, which is inflammation and bleeding of the gums due to plaque or bacteria on the teeth’ surface. Untreated teeth stains can lead to the accumulation of bacteria and plaque on the teeth.
  • Teeth stains also cause bad breath or halitosis, which is again caused by the bacteria present in your mouth.
  • Teeth stains can also cause other health issues not related to your mouth.

Why is it important to remove teeth stains

Removing teeth stains is not only important for having an attractive smile or making others want to talk to you, but it also has several other health benefits.

While preventing teeth stains should be your priority, if still, you cannot keep up with it, it is always advisable to remove teeth stains, stop them from occurring further, and avoid any further health issues.

This is because even if teeth stains might not directly cause any health problem, they are linked as contributing factors to quite a few health concerns. Hence if teeth stains remain unattended for long periods of time, they can cause adverse consequences.

Different types of teeth whitening and how can they remove teeth stains.

To help you stay confident and maintain a dream smile, below are a few different types of teeth whitening solutions with a brief explanation of how each teeth whitening method removes teeth stains.

1. Teeth Whitening Strips

The advanced whitening strips are strips made from a flexible material with a special coating on one side to stick to your teeth surface. When it comes in contact with the deep stains or yellow surface of your teeth, the coating dissolves it, and hence the outcome upon removing the strip is a bleached white teeth surface.

2. Teeth Whitening Gel Pen

This teeth pen contains a bleaching gel or other solution to be applied on the teeth’ surface, especially on spots with yellow coloration or stains. Keeping this gel onto the surface of your teeth acts much in a similar manner as teeth whitening strips and can whiten the teeth’ surface. After a few minutes of leaving, it applied, or for the time prescribed in the product manual, thoroughly rinse your mouth with clean and fresh water.

3. Teeth Whitening Powder

Most of the teeth whitening powders contain activated charcoal powder, which is an essential remedy in teeth whitening solutions. Using teeth whitening powder is as simple as using any toothpaste. Just wet your brush and pick some teeth whitening powder with it.

Brush in the same manner as you normally do for some time before rinsing your mouth with fresh water. Remember not to swallow the teeth whitening powder as it may cause any health issues if digested.

Advantages of the teeth whitening in removing teeth stains

Teeth whitening to remove your teeth stains offer many advantages such as –

  • Stain-free white and shining teeth boost your self-confidence.
  • Stain-free teeth leave a nice and impactful first impression on other people.
  • Oral hygiene plays an important role in your overall well-being, as well.
  • Your oral health remains intact and is less likely to cause or contribute to any other health disease.

You and everyone else deserve a beautiful smile. And to maintain your pleasant smile, regular visits to your dental expert after every few months is important. But of course, you cannot risk your dental care during the time in between these dental appointments. For this reason, Onuge Personal Oral Care offers home solutions that anyone can use at home and take full professional care of their teeth.