Almost half of the American adults believe a smile is the most memorable feature after meeting someone, according to a survey completed by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). We can feel the importance of teeth whitening from here.

Did you know that you could have your smile brightened about 5-10 shades in as little as 20 minutes? Not only that, but professional teeth whitening procedures are also needle-free and don’t require the use of a dental drill. Instead, the process is as simple as placing the whitening agent, applying a teeth whitening LED light, and letting it sit.

Sound too good to be true? Please believe that. Modern technology has actually made it possible to have a whiter and brighter smile quickly and easily. And, yes, the light does indeed play a role in the accelerated whitening process. 

Teeth Whitening LED Light

What are the basics of teeth whitening?

When you visit your local dental office to have your teeth professionally whitened, your teeth will first be cleaned to ensure that the whitener can be evenly applied to the surface of your teeth.  Once applied to your teeth, the whitening gel will remain in place for about 20 minutes.

Since teeth are porous, the whitening gel is absorbed by the enamel and dentin layers of the tooth. The active ingredient in whitening gels is hydrogen peroxide, which removes stains and is then safely absorbed by the body. In simpler terms, hydrogen peroxide dissolves stains from the enamel and dentin layers in order to whiten the teeth. Even though the whitening gel is only on your teeth for a limited amount of time, it will remain effective for the first 24 hours after application.

Teeth Whitening LED Light

So, how do LED lights help?

LED lights require minimal power, are long-lasting, and do not require warming up period to be effective. Although their light is more intense than other types of light, they are also much cooler due to their ability to dissipate heat. All these things make them an ideal light for teeth whitening. Research has shown they speed up the chemical reactions that remove the stains from teeth.

Ultimately, the more stains that are removed, the brighter your smile will be.

On average, LED teeth whitening can lighten your smile 6-8 shades during a single whitening session. Overall, the addition of LED lights to whitening procedures has improved the effectiveness of whitening agents, allowing for brighter and whiter smiles.