Embarrassment over the color of teeth causes many people to conceal their teeth in pictures and not smile as much in public. If you find yourself in this sort of situation, don’t let discolored teeth keep you down. Get the smile you’ve always dreamed of by whitening your teeth.

3 Benefits of Teeth Whitening

1.Enhance your appearance – A whiter smile improves your appearance and makes your look stronger than ever.

2.Boost self-confidence – You’ll want to show off your beautiful new smile to everyone you meet.

3.Affordable – Whitening your teeth is a way to improve your appearance without breaking the bank.

Teeth Whitening

As teeth whitening has become increasingly popular, so have problems with tooth sensitivity. So how do you whiten your teeth safely?

Sea Salt Rinse

Sea Salt Rinse

Using a sea salt water mixture to aid in dental health is by no means a new practice. In fact, many ancient medical scripts refer to the use of saltwater. Essentially, the presence of salt in your mouth increases its pH balance. The environment that results is very alkaline, and bacteria cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Bacteria are only able to thrive in an atmosphere that is very acidic. When salt is used on a regular basis, bacteria will not be healthy enough to reproduce, resulting in a healthier mouth.

Furthermore, sea salt also has whitening properties. Not only does it work as a natural scrub, but, in addition, it contains phosphorous and iron to strengthen teeth. Further, some sea salts, like the salt from the Dead Sea, also contain trace elements of bromide. This amount is quite safe for daily use, and still highly effective.

ONUGE Dead Sea Salt Whitening Strips are included in the Dead Sea Salt Formula to visibly whiten your teeth in 30 minutes.

ONUGE Dead Sea Salt Whitening Strips