We all want to experience whiter teeth for a brighter smile, and many of us will go to great lengths to achieve this. With so many different whitening products on the market, it can be difficult to navigate and understand what works and what doesn’t.

One popular trend in the teeth whitening industry is teeth whitening pens. Do teeth whitening pens work and are they good for your teeth? While this simple, portable solution may seem like it’s whitening your teeth, it’s really only good for short-term results or for maintaining an already white and bright smile.

In this guide, we will discuss more details so that you can understand what you can expect from a teeth whitening pen and learn how to use teeth whitening pen and the benefits of using a teeth whitening pen.

Teeth Whitening

What is a tooth whitening pen?

A tooth whitening pen or brush whitener is an over-the-counter tooth bleaching product. It uses the same peroxide compounds as other household systems. The difference between a tooth whitening pen and other bleaching systems is the way in which the product is delivered. In this case, the lack of a delivery system makes the Tooth Whitening Pen unique.

In order for the tooth whitening agent to be effective, the bleaching agent must remain in contact with the teeth during the treatment. Some methods facilitate contact by means of bleaching trays or plastic strips. Brush-on products do not use treatment equipment.

Instead, the tooth whitening pen uses a bleaching gel to apply varnish to each tooth to be treated. The gel reaches the surface of the tooth directly from the applicator brush (or pen). After the gel is applied, it solidifies into a film that sticks to the teeth.

This whitening film produces a whitening effect. After a certain period of time, the film dissolves in your mouth and is washed away. Some brands recommend that you use the Teeth Whitening Pen twice a day to get the best results. If you want to know more information about the teeth whitening pens reviews, welcome to contact us today or request a quote.  

Teeth Whitening Pen

How to use a teeth whitening pen?

The typical method of applying the brush-on gel is to apply it to the teeth you wish to brighten. The treatment time for a teeth whitening pen is between 20 and 30 minutes. It is important to focus on all visible tooth surfaces, especially areas that are heavily stained. You can reduce irritation by stopping the coverage near the gum line. For best results, allow the whitening film to dry for 10 to 15 seconds after application. Some brands require the teeth to be dried before applying the whitening pen. You can dry your teeth by air drying or wiping with a dry towel.

It goes without saying, but avoid eating and drinking during the treatment. Even friction caused by your lips or cheeks can cause the whitening film to come off. This will reduce the effectiveness of your treatment. The whitening film will dissolve at the end of your treatment. After wear and tear, remove any remaining film from your teeth with a toothbrush.

Bright White Teeth Whitening Pen

Benefits of Teeth Whitening Pens

There are some great benefits. If you are looking for long-lasting and intense results, you will need to use a teeth whitening pen in conjunction with other whitening solutions. However, for quick results and a mobile solution, a teeth whitening pen can be really helpful.

★ GENTLE & EFFECTIVE – Teeth whitening doesn’t need to be painful anymore! With the gentle formula, the painless process does not give you any sensitivity. It helps remove years of stains and brightens your teeth a few shades whiter with consecutive use.

★ PROFESSIONAL QUALITY – With our formula, you don’t have to pay for expensive procedures at the dentist, making it very simple and affordable to use to whiten your teeth.

★ REMOVES YEARS OF STAINS – This teeth whitening pen takes away years of stains caused by coffee, tea, soda, smoking, wine, and more with its powerful, yet gentle ingredients. Finally, you can get the white, bright smile you’ve been waiting for.

★ USE ANYWHERE – Teeth Whitening Pen is small enough so that you can easily pack it in your purse or briefcase wherever you go and use it whenever you want to.

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