If you’ve been to your local pharmacy recently and walked around the health and beauty section, you’ve probably seen a number of home whitening products. To find the best teeth whitening product, it’s best to learn about the different options you’ll encounter.

Determining the best teeth whitening product

With so many choices, making a buying decision can be a little difficult. While all teeth whitening products are different, you will find some common features depending on the type you are most interested in.

Professional Teeth Whitening Kits: Standard professional whitening products usually include two trays designed to shape and fit your teeth well. These teeth whitening products also come with multiple syringes or tubes of professional-strength bleaching gel and a tray storage case.

Over-the-counter whitening strips: These are the simplest teeth whitening products – they come with whitening strips and instructions. The strength and number of strips will vary, but the pack will be sufficient to cover the top and bottom of your teeth for daily application.

Teeth Whitening Strips Kit

Teeth Whitening Strips Kit

Comparing home teeth whitening products

When choosing a teeth whitening product, you will find a wide range of products based on the current condition of your teeth, your oral health history and your teeth whitening priorities. However, because there are so many different variations, you may want to consider these tips when evaluating at-home teeth whitening products.

Products vary by strength: Hydrogen peroxide is a popular ingredient in whitening products. You can compare the peroxide content of several home teeth whitening products if it is stated on the packaging. In general, products with higher levels of peroxide tend to work faster and more effectively, but may also result in more sensitive teeth.

Benefits of Whitening Patches

Whitening patches are easy to use and do not require a prescription. They are cheaper than the in-office dental procedures used to whiten teeth and usually produce good results.

What to look for in the best teeth whitening products

Once you have found some teeth whitening systems that you like, there are a few things to keep in mind when looking at the best teeth whitening systems.

Teeth Whitening Strips Kit

Teeth Whitening Strips Kit

Fastest whitening: how long does it take to get significant results? Even among the best teeth whitening systems, the number of days it takes to see noticeable results varies greatly. Some take as little as three days, while others can take up to a week. With the best teeth whitening systems it can take anywhere from a week to a month to get the full effect.

How long will my teeth stay white?

Most whitening strip manufacturers say that the duration of the effect varies depending on the drinks you use that discolor your teeth such as coffee, tobacco, and soda. However, advanced products have been shown to provide whitening results for up to 12 months.

How long should I wear the whitening patches each day?

When looking at the best teeth whitening systems, you will find that the time of application varies greatly from day today. Some take 30 minutes twice a day, while others take as little as 5 minutes a day.

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