Many people want straight, white and healthy teeth. However, many factors can prevent us from achieving our most beautiful smiles. We eat and drink all types of food and drinks without giving much thought to the effect they have on our teeth. After all, we enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the morning and don’t mind caffeinated drinks staining our teeth.

How Whitening Strips Whiten Teeth?

Whitening strips can whiten your teeth, it’s time to explain how teeth whitening strips can achieve this. The strips are lined with hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide which, when applied to the teeth after use, work in staining to give a whiter appearance. These peroxides essentially work by eliminating the organic molecules that cause yellowing.

There are two types of teeth stainings: extrinsic and intrinsic. These types affect the way whitening agents will interact with your teeth. Whitening strips may not be as effective at moving intrinsic staining, as this is found deep within the dentin and in the microcracks of your teeth.

100% Residue Free Cranberry Flavor Teeth Whitening Strips

100% Residue Free Cranberry Flavor Teeth Whitening Strips

How to use whitening patches correctly?

Most likely, if you do not apply the teeth whitening strips correctly, you will not get the desired results. Applying teeth whitening strips is not very difficult, but missing steps may result in no change in colour. Please refer to the instructions that come with the teeth whitening strips as there may be differences in the use of one brand versus another.

How do I use the Whitening Strips?

Carefully remove the teeth whitening strips from the packaging. Once removed, place the side with the gel on your teeth, taking care to tuck the other half onto the back of your teeth. The edge of the strip should be flush with the gum line. To help the strip adhere to your teeth and achieve the best results, apply pressure to the strip.

Teeth Whitening Dead Sea Salt Strips

Sea Salt Taste Teeth Whitening Strips

Should I brush my teeth before using the whitening strips?

We recommend that you avoid brushing your teeth immediately before and after treatment with teeth whitening strips. If you brush your teeth before whitening, it may cause your teeth to become smooth. This makes it difficult for the strips to stick to your teeth. You also want to avoid any negative reactions between the toothpaste and the whitening gel. On the other hand, if you brush your teeth immediately afterwards, you may irritate your gums.

How Often To Use Whitening Strips?

This will vary depending on the importance of the shade change you desire, the type of strips you use and whether you experience any sensitivity during application. Check the packaging of the white strips you have chosen to determine the recommended frequency of use. If you want to significantly change the colour of your teeth, you may need to use the treatment for a longer period of time to get better results.

Residue Free Lime Flavour Teeth Whitening Strips

Residue-Free Lime Flavour Teeth Whitening Strips

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