Bamboo Coconut Charcoal Powder Activated Teeth Whitening Powder

/Bamboo Coconut Charcoal Powder Activated Teeth Whitening Powder

Bamboo Coconut Charcoal Powder Activated Teeth Whitening Powder


How to use
Use it in the morning and evening,wet your toothbrush and pick up some teeth powder.
Gently brush your teeth for two or three minutes,all side whitening
Brush again with water to remove residue,deeply cleaning with water.
Better effect to use with teeth whitening toothpaste or our other teeth whitening products!

Use together with Onuge teeth whitening charcoal strips,you will see even better and faster effect.
Long term use of this products shall help to keep periodontal problems away.


Product Name

Onuge Natural Charcoal Tooth Powder Tooth Whitening Powder


Onuge or your own brand


Used with brush in the morning and evening, twice a day


Remove Stains of smoking, coffee, tea, drink wine. Whitening Teeth By Daily Use

Active Ingredient

Dicalcium phosphate /Activated Bamboo Charcoal/ Coconut

Charcoal powder etc Containing HCS Whitening Ingredient

Unique DTS

Active Formula Double-Effective Protective Formula

Classic mint and lemon flavor


White or black plastic bottle, transparent/black jar+paper box


30g/60g per pcs

Payment Terms

PayPal, Western Union, T/T, Escrow, Trade Assurance

Delivery Time

Sample: in ine week. Bulk order: 15-30 days, it is determined by your detail quantity.

Q: Does the charcoal powder contain any chemical?
A: Absolutely no, our charcoal powder is 100% natural.

Q:Will it damage the enamel?
A:No,It will reinforce your enamel.

Q: Will it change the pH of the mouth?
A: Yes, it is helpful in changing the pH and keeping your mouth healthful, and effectively killing the bad bacteria exist in tooth decay and gingivities.

Q: Can I use normal toothpaste to brush my teeth as well?
A: Yes, you can. Some customers replaced to only use charcoal powder, some use it at night and use normal toothpaste in the morning. If you want to use both together, we recommend using charcoal powder first, then use normal toothpaste, this will helps to get rid of black bits that maybe lefter between your teeth.

Q: Will this charcoal powder expire?
A: Once you open it, the charcoal powder should be used in 6 mouths. In fact, we still use Jars which were opened over a year ago. You can have a look at the consistency, if it is black and powdery, you can still use it. Please do not drop water or other things into the powder, and keep it in cool and dry place.

Q: Do you accept sample order?
A: Yes, the sample order is available.

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