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25 Years’ Endeavor for People’s Teeth Whitening | Ruan Shixing: Onuge Strives to Bring Healthy Beauty and Natural Beauty to Everyone’s Smile

12 April 24.

“Teeth and smile are inseparable partners. They bring people confidence and beauty while making people feel warm and comfortable,” said Ruan Shixing, the founder of Onuge.

Though people at different times have varying judgment criteria for beauty, they all pursue good teeth and beautiful smiles. Good teeth symbolize health, beauty, and longevity.

“People used to use salt, tea, cattle hoof, lime powder, oyster shells, and snails to protect their teeth,” said Mr. Ruan, “In Chinese history, poets also loved to depict teeth in their literary compositions. For example, in the Ode to the Goddess of the Luo River, an ancient Chinese poem created by Cao Zhi, to show the beauty of the Goddess of Luo River, he wrote that ‘Red lips that shed their light abroad, white teeth gleaming within, bright eyes skilled at glances, a dimple to round off the base of the cheek’. In the Book of Songs, there is such verse describing that the teeth are as white as gourd seeds. Chinese poet Li Bai, who is renowned as the Immortal of Poems, also wrote ‘With my white teeth, I smile at you, and wish you could not miss such a beautiful face’ to express women’s beauty and confidence.”

Founded in 1999 in “Flower City” Guangzhou, Onuge set its brand mission as “Healthy Beauty, Natural Beauty” since its establishment. Onuge has been committed to making innovations in product quality and personalized demands and endeavoring to truly achieve its original intention to turn products into artworks with its profound insights and heartfelt devotion.

25 Years’ Endeavor for People’s Teeth Whitening | Ruan Shixing: Onuge Strives to Bring Healthy Beauty and Natural Beauty to Everyone’s Smile

Unlike most entrepreneurs, for Ruan Shixing, it is his in-depth understanding and wholehearted dedication that keep driving him forward on his path to entrepreneurship instead of chance factors. He initiated exploration and innovation in the dental care area after identifying people’s desire and need for teeth whitening and oral health. What he hopes is to create distinctive products and trends to bring everyone a more natural, bring, and warm smile.

“We should source from and break through the tradition, keep pace with the times and the market, make every product innovative, and every smile smart, comfortable, and fresh.” Mr. Ruan often emphasizes this in the seminar for product innovation, which also represents the original aspiration of Onuge on the path to innovation.

Starting a business is akin to finishing a marathon race. What matters are perseverance, determination, and the ability to make immediate responses. When talking about the early days of entrepreneurship, Mr. Ruan said, “When first setting foot in the beauty field, I prepared myself for the difficulties and also made different plans. However, the reality is far more difficult than I thought. From raw materials, technology, product formula, and design to packaging and transportation, any single underprepared link will hinder the product from going to the market. So from the very beginning until now, rigor and tenacity have always been indispensable qualities for everyone working at Onuge. Only in this way can we provide customers with high-quality and innovative products that meet their diversified needs.”

Big businesses start from small beginnings. With rigor, tenacity, and original intention when getting involved in the industry, Onuge regards “Create an Honest, Responsible, and Sustainable Enterprise” as its corporate mission. From zero to one, Onuge now owns 30,000 square meters of production and office space, 20,000 square meters of 100,000-level clean aseptic dust-free workshops, and two product series, i.e., oral care and wrinkle-resistant magic stickers. Onuge’s customers cover more than 70 countries and regions in the world, and it serves more than 300 brands, including Colgate, hismile, CVS, ZIMBA, ORAL ESSENTIAL, D&G, SPOTLIGH, and DR KOGEL.

“Onuge is a production-oriented enterprise but more a technology-based one,” said Mr. Ruan. To make the products meet the international market demands, as the chief R&D engineer, Ruan Shixing has never stopped researching China’s traditional and even global beauty products together with Onuge’s R&D team. They successively researched and developed the world’s first waterless ultra-viscous tooth whitening film, blazing a trail for teeth whitening dry strips; residue-free teeth whitening strips that first adopted the double-layer stacking technology in the world; the world’s first water microcrystalline gel wrinkle-resistant magic stickers that feature physical skin lifting, face partitions designed according to facial muscles and wrinkles, as well as patented embedded structure of matrix elastic fiber; and teeth whitening dry strips which fill in gaps in dry teeth strips in the global market...

“We always show people what we have achieved, but failure is also common for us. Our team once had the thought of giving up. This is very common. All researchers may face this situation. As long as we stay true to our mission, we are bound to weather the storm and see the sunshine,” said Mr. Ruan, “I think in the future, our team may face more failures. But I also believe that if we stick to the last and our original aspiration, we definitely will obtain more and better achievements and bring more people safe, healthy, and effective products.”

Not only doing research personally and painstakingly but also maintaining individuality and keeping up with the market is most people’s impression of Mr. Ruan. Shirley from Onuge said, “Mr. Ruan is always gentle and cultivated. Maybe because he was once a technical researcher, he impresses people with his earnestness and modesty. But at the same time, his long-term engagement in beauty and personal care makes him keen to fashion and trend.”

Professionalism comes from concentration while reliability comes from professionalism. In Onuge’s growth process, Mr. Ruan has made a lot of preparations in technology, products, and reserve of talents. As he pointed out, “Seeing from the global market, we may just achieve the passing score and still have a long way to go from being a century-old brand. Onuge’s team never stops chasing and strives to provide our customers with perfect products... There is a long way to go, maybe seeing no end in sight. But I believe that with the concerted efforts of our team, we can adhere to our original faith and strive to bring healthy beauty and natural beauty to everyone’s smile.”

Through innovations in products and technologies, Onuge shows responsibility for business and customers, while by engaging in charity, the brand directly demonstrates its sense of social responsibility. In Onuge’s development course, Mr. Ruan has integrated public charity into corporate culture and the brand’s strategic development blueprint. Setting its sights on charitable contribution, environmental protection, and health, Onuge keeps giving back to society and caring for the earth with numerous bills and down-to-earth actions instead of enormous publicity, filling every corner under the sun with clean smiles.

There is still a long way to go for Onuge. Ruan Shixing will also keep on moving and further explore the beauty and personal care field. “Healthy Beauty, Natural Beauty” is not only the corporate vision of Onuge but also Mr. Ruan’s original aspiration when he set foot in this domain. Onuge is forging ahead bravely and constantly improving itself to meet the adaptability of different application scenarios for global customers and the control over product quality during production, striving to bring experience beyond expectations to its customers.

When it comes to the future, Mr. Ruan said, “Onuge will keep pace with the times and continue research and development, integrate global advanced technologies and the concept of an expert brand in beauty and personal care, promote the global oral care and even beauty and personal care industry with our innovations, strive to be a pathfinder in the international oral care products industry, and bring a healthy and white smile to everyone in the world.”

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