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A “Smile Legend” in the Laboratory: Onuge’s Brand History

25 April 24.

There is a special research bench in the production and research laboratory on the third floor of Onuge’s building. On the bench, many precision experimental instruments are placed in an orderly way. A man wearing a white lab coat is attentively sitting in front of a microscope and observing the reaction on the stage. He is Ruan Shixing, the chief R&D engineer of Onuge.

Ruan Shixing is the chief R&D engineer and founder of Onuge Personal Care (Guangdong) Manufacturer Group Co., Ltd., who often changes his identity between a professional technician and a manager. However, Mr. Ruan loves his engineering position better and prefers to explore the unknown in front of his dedicated experiment table.

R&D is the start and the foundation

Technology is the driving force of progress, and R&D is centered on technology. Perhaps because of Mr. Ruan’s technical background, he set R&D innovation as the company’s core development strategy and the foundation of brand building since the establishment of Onuge.

When not staying in the laboratory, Mr. Ruan loves to read the thick books regarding product formulas in front of his desk, with the notebook covered with his experimental data and inspiration. Mr. Ruan has been thinking about how to create safe, healthy, and effective products to give everyone’s teeth the most intimate care.

As he began to be involved in the beauty and personal care industry, especially the personal dental care field, Ruan Shixing was shocked at the cases in which people suffered from ruined teeth or missed certain opportunities due to improper teeth care. This drives him to think about how to develop a product that brings “healthy beauty and natural beauty” to everyone’s teeth and smile by combining modern technology with the traditional teeth care concepts in the market.

As time passed, Ruan Shixing buried himself in research. He was well aware of the fact that besides passion and enthusiasm, profound professional knowledge and numerous research experiments are indispensable for achieving his goal. He kept writing various formulas and ideas in his notebook and progressively transformed research achievements into real products, aiming to benefit more people in the world and make them more beautiful through technology research and development.

The smile in the laboratory

Ruan Shixing did not chase the tail of the market when choosing his business domain but followed his profound insights into and heartfelt passion for the beauty industry and selected dental care, a seemingly ordinary field but actually with huge potential, which deserves his long-term engagement.

As Mr. Ruan gradually dug deep into this field, he recognized people’s desire for teeth whitening and oral health as well as the market’s pressing need for high-efficiency, reliable, and innovative products supported by independent technologies. Then he began to conduct experiments and research unceasingly. In the race against time, though facing countless working nights and failures, he could always find the spark of hope in the ruins of experiments.

Once when Ruan Shixing attempted to develop a new type of product, he did experiments almost hundreds of times but did not attained satisfactory results. He even started to doubt his thoughts and almost gave up. However, it was people’s eyes full of expectations for beauty that made him bounce back. Eventually, he discovered the key solution and the optimal formula ratio after numerous trials and errors and successfully developed the ideal product.

Mr. Ruan often shows up at every corner of the lab. Someone once advised him that as the founder of the enterprise, he could only focus on business management instead of doing research in the lab all day painstakingly. But he always answered with a smile, “Without technical support, how can I make people in the world dare to smile and love smiling?” His determined look and expectation give people great power.

Through in-depth digging into users and pain points in demands, Ruan Shixing led the team to engage in research and development and discuss the focus issues. They invited people of different ages and with varying teeth quality to participate in the experimental experience, collected demands and feedback from the teeth in the experiment, and transformed the information into the direction and breakthrough of R&D. With these efforts, they worked day and night to improve the product formula.

Technical exploration always spearheads business decisions in Onuge’s growth. This is the real presentation of Onuge’s devotion and responsibility for the whole industry. With his firm belief and unique insights, Ruan Shixing has integrated the concept of an expert brand in oral beauty, led the development and reform of the oral care industry by using state-of-the-art patented technologies, and created a series of distinctive teeth care products, changing people’s traditional cognition of teeth care and bringing a healthy and white smile to the world.

Brand birth and market test

After countless experiments and adjustments, under the leadership of Ruan Shixing, the R&D team of Onuge has gained a certain harvest.

With the world’s first waterless ultra-viscous tooth whitening film, Onuge blazes a trail for teeth whitening dry strips and fills in gaps in dry teeth strips in the global market. Onuge’s residue-free teeth whitening strips that first adopted the double-layer stacking technology in the world represent the world’s current highest level in teeth strips. The alcohol-free teeth whitening strips have a fresh flavor, likened to the first kiss of lovers, marking the upgrading of teeth whitening strips from products to artworks, opening up a new reform of oral care, and leading the new trend of teeth whitening...

The emergence and generation change of each product and every positive feedback have given Ruan Shixing and his team great encouragement.

A company needs a bigger market to go further. With this in mind, Ruan Shixing and his operation team started to make exploration and attempts in the market. After gaining the analysis reports of the industry market and their competitors, Ruan Shixing began to shift his identity from the engineer to the founder. Feeling the team members’ anxiety, he encouraged them and said, “We cannot give up. With our quality, technology, effectiveness, and service, our products will and can stand out.”

Through innumerable surveys, discussions, and research, Ruan Shixing decided to adopt the differentiated brand strategy to strengthen the unique selling point of the “Onuge” brand and tell more people the story of Onuge that combines “science and technology and a beautiful smile”. Thanks to the high-quality products and word-of-mouth communication, Onuge now spreads its products to more than 110 countries and regions in the world and provides services to over 1,000 brands including CVS, Walgreens, Colgate, Unilever, Darlie, and Lion.


After defining the brand’s strategic approach, Ruan Shixing again devoted himself to product research together with his R&D team. At present, Onuge’s products have obtained nearly 40 patents for invention in the world and its teeth whitening strips have evolved from the first to the seventh generation. Onuge enjoys a high prestige among customers and an increasingly rising sales volume. All their efforts began to pay off.

Onuge is more than a brand. It also represents a concept, a pursuit of beauty, and a passion for life. As Ruan Shixing knows, this is only a new start and the market test will continue. As long as they stick to their original aspiration and innovation, nothing can stop them from marching ahead.

Innovation-driven sustained development

As the “Onuge” brand gradually expands, Ruan Shixing and his team are facing more challenges and opportunities. Nevertheless, their adherence to technical innovation never changes and their footsteps never stop. They know only with constant R&D innovations can an enterprise keep growing and a brand survive long.

Mr. Ruan often tells his team, “Our journey has just started. We need more efforts to forge ahead.”

Every year, Onuge will increase its investment in R&D and input more resources in the development and application and new products and technologies. Led by Ruan Shixing, Onuge has established a partnership with internationally renowned scientific research institutions and brought in more advanced equipment and talents. Onuge constantly upgrades its product formulas and technologies and pays more attention to environmental protection and sustainable development while keeping the products safe and health-friendly during production and use.

After assiduous exploration for more than two decades, the “Onuge” brand has become one of the world-renowned production and manufacturing brands in the beauty and personal care area. Ruan Shixing persists in leading the R&D team to make innovations and developing each product by following the principles of safety, health, and efficiency, winning customers’ trust and favor.

While branching out the business, Ruan Shixing has always been committed to giving back to society. He has actively participated in various public benefit activities and supported charity, thereby feeding back and caring for the community. Through concrete actions, he has integrated charitable and environment-friendly efforts into the development blueprint of Onuge.

As time passed by, “Onuge” has become a trustworthy designation. Every patent certificate, certificate of honor, and letter of thanks proves an affirmation of the efforts of Ruan Shixing and his team.


Though with multiple identities such as the chief R&D engineer, No. 0 employee, and the founder, Ruan Shixing always keeps his original faith. He knows very well that it is not only the wisdom and efforts of him and his team but also their persistence in the original aspiration and sense of mission that keep pushing them forward, and the latter comes from their persistent pursuit of beauty and unremitting efforts.

In the future, Ruan Shixing and his team will keep moving forward and continually create new miracles. They will do their utmost efforts to make Onuge’s “smile legend” in the laboratory become a beauty legend deeply rooted in everyone’s heart.

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