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How to Use Teeth Whitening Strips?

15 June 22.

Teeth are an important part of presenting one's self-image. Inevitably, as one age, teeth begin to yellow, but there are various techniques one can use to slow down this process. These techniques include teeth whitening strips, which one can purchase over the counter (OTC) and use to help remove stains and whiten teeth. Before using whitening strips, it is best to learn more about how to use them properly and get the most out of them.

How to Use Teeth Whitening Strips?

 7 steps quick view

1. Read the instructions

2. Brush your teeth

3. Prepare your strips

4. Place the strip on the teeth

5. Wait for the strips to finish their work

6. Remove the strips

7. Repeat the process

1. Read the instructions carefully.

Although most whitening strips are applied and used in a similar manner, certain brands may have different instructions. Before using any whitening strips or whitening products, be sure to read the instructions completely and be aware of any side effects.


Instructions may vary by brand, so be sure to read the instructions completely before use.

Teeth Whitening Strips

Teeth Whitening Strips

2. Brush your teeth.

You will need to brush your teeth before using whitening strips. If you use them without brushing your teeth, you may inadvertently trap food or bacteria under the strips and your tooth surfaces will not come into contact with the whitening substance, which can lead to unattractive-looking results. Brushing can also help remove any plaque that may hinder the whitening effect of your enamel.


Brushing for at least half an hour, followed by the use of strips, allows saliva to remove excess fluoride and prepares tooth enamel for whitening.


3. Prepare your strips.

Before applying the strips to your teeth, take a moment to make sure that you attach the correct strips to the correct locations. Some whitening strips will have special strips for the top and bottom teeth, and all whitening strips have specific sides that must touch the teeth. Take the time to know which strip goes where.


Apply the side with any gel on it to the tooth. This gel is a whitening agent and must touch the entire surface of the tooth except the gums to work properly.

 Before and After Whitening Strips

 Before and After Whitening Strips

4. Place the strip on the teeth.

Once you have determined how the strips will be applied, place them on your teeth with the gel-coated side in contact with the tooth surface. Make sure the strips completely cover your teeth, eliminating any bumpy or uneven areas.


Before applying the strips, try drying the surface of your teeth with a napkin or towel. This will help increase the whitening effect. You can also use cheek retractors to open your lips and control the flow of saliva during the whitening treatment. The less water in your mouth, the better the results.


If desired, you can use a toothbrush to smooth out the strips.

Complete coverage of the teeth without any irregular areas helps to whiten teeth evenly.

Avoid allowing the strip to cover the gums upwards as this can cause irritation or even a slight burn and make the gums look white.

5. Wait for the strips to finish their work.

Once the strips are applied, you will need to be patient and wait for them to work on your teeth. Most brands recommend that you wear these strips for a slightly different amount of time, so read your instructions carefully. Avoid touching the strips so they don't work without explanation.


Generally, you will wait about 30 minutes before removing the strips.


To keep your teeth dry during the whitening process, you can try lying on your back with your mouth open. This will reduce the amount of saliva, which may interfere with the whitening process. Try breathing through your mouth for a while to help your mouth dry out.

 Teeth Whitening Strips

 Teeth Whitening Strips

6. Remove the strips.

After the time that your particular strips instruct you to wear them has passed, you will need to remove the strips. Peel them off your teeth and throw them away when you need to remove them. For best results, it is recommended that you do not eat anything for one hour after treatment.


Do not leave them on longer than the designated time, as this can lead to inflammation and sensitivity of the teeth and gums.

Leaving the strips on longer will not increase the whitening effect.


Clean your mouth after using the strips. Try rinsing or brushing with water to make sure all of the whitening gel is out of your mouth. Try not to swallow too much gel as it can be toxic.


7. Repeat the process.

Whitening strips work over time, using slow exposure to the chemicals responsible for the whitening process. You will need to repeat these strips before you see any noticeable difference in the whiteness of your teeth. Continue using the strips for the recommended amount of time to take full advantage of them.


Use them twice a day for 30 minutes each time.

Expect consistent results for about four months, but they also work well after professional teeth whitening in the dental office.

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