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Offering Superior Quality through Persistent R&D, Onuge Leads a New Trend of “Natural Beauty, Healthy Beauty”

15 May 24.

In Guangzhou, a “Flower City” where spring stays and flowers bloom all year round, located a high-tech, fashionable, intelligent, and artistic modern factory. One by one logistics vehicle filled with products brings Onuge to the world.

Natural Beauty, Healthy Beauty

As a traditional Chinese poem described, “grinning, the teeth are like neatly arranged shells”, which embodies two criteria for beauty and health, that is, grinning confidently and showing white teeth.

With the technological development and accelerated pace of life, people have more diversified and pressing demands for beauty. Pretty teeth, fresh breath, and a shiny smile become the best name card of a person. “Though the time changes, people’s eagerness for beauty never changes. The real beauty comes from nature and is closely related to health...” said Ruan Shixing, the founder of Onuge.

Stepping into Onuge for the first time, visitors may feel peaceful. Here seems to be cut off from the hustle and bustle of the city and filled with ease and comfort. As introduced by Mr. Ruan, “Onuge sets its vision as ‘Natural Beauty, Healthy Beauty’. Only when we are in nature can we experience the beauty of nature and create the beauty of health. So we visited and invited many architectural designers and invested almost ten million yuan in the all-round upgrade of office space, workshops, and laboratories to create a natural and healthy ecosystem...”

From the company’s environment to the production site, it seems that Onuge’s products are manufactured in nature. Each teeth whitening strip serves as a bridge between nature and health. “Onuge’s products are gifts from nature, the keeper for health, and a ‘weapon’ for Onuge to fulfill its commitment to beauty,” said Mr. Ruan.


Assuring product quality through technical R&D

Onuge adheres to improving products with technology, leading the market with quality, and creating a better life with good health. It has a production site covering an area of 30,000 square meters and regards well-rounded certifications such as GMPC/ISO 22716, ISO 13485, SMETA 4P, BSCI, CPSR, TRA, VEGAN, and HALAL as basic principles of production management.

As introduced by Onuge’s head of R&D quality management, “During the R&D process of products, we not only focus on the effects but also the health and safety. Besides international standards, we also formulated extremely stringent quality management systems in light of the market situation of different countries and regions.”

From product design, raw material selection, and processing technology, to outgoing quality control and after-sales service, Onuge pays close attention to every detail in each step. It carries out quality inspections of raw materials, working procedures, and finished products as well as spot checks in warehouses and periodic inspections. Moreover, Onuge adopts digital, intelligent IoT detection technology to control product quality, thereby making steady progress in the perfect combination of innovative technology and aesthetics and guaranteeing the quality for various disruptive products launched on the global market.

The development of an enterprise cannot be divorced from the soul of innovation and the persistent pursuit of quality. “As the founder, I should pay attention to the company’s performance, while as an R&D engineer, I need to focus on the needs of products. However, whatever my identity is, quality is always an indispensable element for me,” said Mr. Ruan, “We absorb new experiences and keep exploring, and have made breakthroughs not only in products but also in production equipment...”

In this fast-paced era, product manufacturing also keeps a fast pace. When the idea of “equipment R&D” was presented, many people were puzzled and even opposed. “We are a manufacturer of beauty products instead of equipment. Since we can buy all kinds of advanced equipment, there is no reason for us to undertake such a labor- and time-consuming task. Instead, it’s better to speed up product manufacturing with more manpower... Many people told me like that at that time.” In Mr. Ruan’s view, dissenting voices are understandable. “Few manufacturing companies like us develop equipment by themselves. But equipment and technology are also vital for product quality. All links including equipment, technology, and raw materials are important to quality. Besides, we should have determination and execution ability.”

Withstanding the pressure from a puzzled voice, Ruan Shixing led the technical R&D team to repeatedly revise the design scheme on the whiteboard. The hum of the equipment, accompanied by the occasional tapping of the keyboard, composed an overture to their battle. After numerous experiments, failures, and upgrades, they created a miracle, bringing a fully automatic production line self-developed by Onuge to the production workshop. Production efficiency and quality control have been improved in an unprecedented way.

As pointed out by Mr. Ruan, only by grasping the core technology in each production step can Onuge be competitive in the market, brave winds and waves, and make steady progress.

At present, Onuge has eight self-developed fully automatic production lines, and each of them pools together Onuge’s wisdom, with each working procedure being carefully calculated and rigorously tested. Here at Onuge, the roar of machines is the movement of progress, and workers pursue perfection in each operation. Onuge is writing its quality legend in a distinctive way.

Improving product quality with product R&D

Since its establishment, Onuge has always paid attention to product quality. Sticking to the spirit of craftsman, Onuge controls the quality of each link while devoting itself to the innovative R&D of products.

In terms of the product R&D concept, Onuge integrates the concept of an expert brand in oral beauty, leads the development and reform of the oral care industry by using state-of-the-art patented technologies, strives to be a pathfinder in the international oral care products industry, and brings a healthy and white smile to everyone in the world.

“As a founder and an engineer, I need to carry forward traditional skills with sophisticated technologies, surpass traditions through innovative technologies, and create unique values.” Just as Mr. Ruan said, Onuge has been dedicated to research and development based on traditional products and developed three basic formulas. It also formed two formula systems geared toward different customs and habits to meet the demands of different markets and people.

With the launch of the world’s first waterless ultra-viscous tooth whitening film in 2012, Onuge successively researched and developed many products such as the residue-free teeth whitening strips, residue-free teeth strips that first adopted the double-layer stacking technology in the world, and alcohol-free teeth whitening strips. Onuge keeps breaking through the traditions and turns teeth whitening strips from products to artworks, opening up a new reform of oral care and leading the new trend of teeth whitening.

The fresh breath from nature and mild whitening effect of Onuge’s products receive a warm welcome in the market immediately. Mr. Ruan said, “Onuge’s products not only make your smile more beautiful and bright but also provide you with care from nature.”

Quality is the lifeblood and soul of all enterprises. While focusing on product R&D, Mr. Ruan also established six basic laboratories to ensure product quality, including the stability laboratory, anti-corrosion challenge laboratory, microbiological examination laboratory, efficacy test laboratory, formula center, and physical and chemical test laboratory. He endeavors to pursue the perfection of each link persistently and attentively from the selection of raw materials to the production process.

Mr. Ruan once said, “Our goal is to create a healthy and beautiful lifestyle. Taking responsibility for each product of Onuge represents our praise for natural beauty and healthy beauty.”

Creating an honest, responsible, and sustainable enterprise is Onuge’s corporate mission. It is the corporate culture and brand value that motivate Onuge’s people at all levels to hold fast to high quality.

“Quality is our bottom line and also the basis of Onuge to keep a foothold in the world and create an international brand,” said Mr. Ruan.

Beauty is not momentary but will last for a lifetime. Onuge’s team will continue in-depth exploration to develop safer and more effective teeth whitening strips, making smiles at every corner as beautiful as sunshine and persistently pursuing nature and health.

In the future, Onuge will stay true to its mission and stick to maintaining and enhancing quality with research, bringing natural beauty and healthy beauty to the world.

Onuge will continue to write its story and bring beauty to more people.

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