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Are PAP Teeth Whitening Strip Really Safe?

06 July 23.

Are PAP Teeth Whitening Strip Really Safe?

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PAP formulation system: It is a synthetic organic peracid used as a bleaching activator to whiten teeth by targeting staining molecules in the teeth. Both PAP whitening and hydrogen peroxide-based teeth whitening treatments work through an oxidation-reduction process to break down stains and improve the appearance of teeth. However, unlike hydrogen peroxide, PAP does not release free radicals during use, which are substances that can potentially cause sensitivity. This means that PAP safely breaks down the molecules responsible for discoloration without any risk of sensitivity, pain, or damage. Currently, PAP is one of the most popular teeth whitening ingredients in the European market.

Onuge PAP Teeth Whitening Strips offer a range of advantages:

Embracing a more natural concept

Upgraded formulation without alcohol

Moderate stickiness

Thinner design

Minimal saliva production during usage

Refreshing flavor

Are PAP Teeth Whitening Strip Really Safe?

1. Low Concentration of Active Ingredients:

Onuge PAP Teeth Whitening Strips are formulated with a lower concentration of active ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide or alternative whitening agents like PAP. This deliberate choice minimizes the risk of adverse effects on teeth and gums while still providing effective whitening results. Compared to higher-concentration whitening treatments, the lower concentration significantly reduces the likelihood of tooth sensitivity and gum irritation.


2. Enamel-friendly Formulation:

We have meticulously developed PAP Teeth Whitening Strips to be gentle on tooth enamel. The whitening gel used in these strips is specially formulated with ingredients that not only effectively whiten teeth but also safeguard the enamel throughout the process. This ensures that while the strips work their magic, the integrity of the enamel remains uncompromised, preventing any potential damage to the tooth structure.


3. Approved by Dental Associations:

It's worth noting that some PAP Teeth Whitening Strips have received approval or recognition from reputable dental associations or professional organizations. Checking for endorsements or recommendations from dental associations can provide additional reassurance regarding the product's safety and effectiveness.


4. Individual Sensitivity Considerations:

While PAP Teeth Whitening Strips are generally safe, it's important to consider individual sensitivity levels. Some individuals may experience temporary tooth sensitivity or gum irritation, especially if they have pre-existing dental conditions or are prone to sensitivity. If you have concerns about sensitivity or any underlying dental issues, it is advisable to consult your dentist before using any teeth whitening product.


5. Non-invasive Nature:

One of the significant advantages of PAP Teeth Whitening Strips is their non-invasive nature. Unlike invasive procedures like dental bleaching or laser treatments, these strips do not require the use of harmful chemicals or the removal of tooth structure. The non-invasive approach contributes to the overall safety profile of PAP Teeth Whitening Strips.


Onuge is a professional manufacturer of teeth whitening strips, offering comprehensive custom solutions for your brand. For more information welcome contact us or click to the website:


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