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Are teeth whitening strips really worth it?

09 May 23.

Are teeth whitening strips really worth it?

The main active ingredients in teeth whitening strips are hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide can decompose in the presence of metals, light, and heat to produce free radicals. These free radicals break the unsaturated double bonds (color molecule locks) in the organic components of stained teeth and combine with them. Through oxidative decomposition, they form low-molecular-weight colorless substances that further react to produce carbon dioxide and water. Therefore, the main principle of teeth whitening strips is the breakdown of pigmented substances through oxidation generated by free radicals.

According to dentists, reputable brands of teeth whitening strips contain low concentrations of peroxide, generally below 10%. When used correctly, they can ensure the safety of teeth and gums while achieving whitening effects, which has been proven in numerous experiments. However, it takes at least two weeks or more of consistent use to see noticeable results.

During the whitening period, the action of peroxide on the tooth surface makes the teeth more susceptible to staining from food and beverages. It is recommended to consume white or colorless foods and drinks such as water, milk, chicken, and fish. It is advised to avoid tea, red wine, soy sauce, and certain brightly colored fruits.


As for whitening products of uncertain origin, some may increase the concentration of peroxide in pursuit of faster results, which can potentially damage the teeth. It is not recommended to choose such products.

Onuge, the trusted expert in teeth whitening strips:



As a leading global manufacturer in the teeth whitening strip industry, Onuge is committed to product safety, research and development, and market direction. Over the years, Onuge's research and development team has combined various national laws and regulations with in-depth studies on whitening ingredients. Guided by the market and with quality as its core value, Onuge currently provides three major basic formula systems worldwide:


l Hydrogen peroxide formula system.

l Sodium hypochlorite formula system.

l Peroxide-based benzoyl amino acid formula system.

In addition to these three basic formula systems, Onuge has also achieved remarkable results in natural ingredient-based formulas without whitening agents. Successful cases of wet strips and soluble strips inspire us to innovate and develop more excellent products with a natural concept.

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