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How Do I Start a Teeth Whitening Business

01 August 23.

How Do I Start a Teeth Whitening Business

 Start teeth whitening business with professional factory now!

Knowing that the teeth whitening industry is a good business with high ROI, you probably already understand why teeth whitening is an ideal way to make money, and that is why you are here. Then, how do i start a teeth whitening business? We prepare some step about that.


Step 1: Recognize and Understand the Teeth Whitening Industry


Teeth whitening is not difficult, but you really need to thoroughly understand it and know what you are doing. Comprehensive, professional education and training are essential.

Before going all-in on a brand-new teeth whitening venture, it is wise to get trained and certified. Before this business, But in fact, the most convenient way is to find a reliable expert who understands the industry lead you in.


Step 2: Know Your Target Market


Depending on the laws and regulations of different countries, teeth whitening businesses have different restrictions. For example, if your market is in Europe, the most sensible choice is a tooth whitening product containing sodium chlorite or pap; for example, if your product is in the United States, you can choose a tooth whitening product containing hydrogen peroxide. If you are new to this industry, you do not understand the laws and regulations so well. It doesn't matter, ONUGE will help you.


Step 3: Choose Your Business Model


If you are already a dentist or a oral care professional, this part is easy because you simply add teeth whitening to the list of cosmetic services that you already offer. ONUGE as a teeth whitening wholesale suppliers, we can offer free whitening strips samplesfree teeth whitening kits sample, free teeth whitening gel pen sample for you to check the quality.


However, if you’re not already in the beauty or dental industry, then you need to figure out if you want to sell teeth whitening services, products, or both. Here are 3 different teeth whitening business models to consider. 


1. Mobile Teeth Whitening Service

If you are not a dentist or oral care expert, mobile teeth whitening is one way to get started without having to rent a location. You can use social platforms to promote products and sell products, so as to make a good profit, even if it is a sideline business, it can also increase income.


2. Clinic

You can rent a salon space or salon-like space and only offer teeth whitening. We have many successful customers that have stand-alone teeth whitening businesses.


3. E-Commerce

Some companies have been extremely successful selling on their own website while others have been very successful selling on online marketplaces.


All in all, no matter what business model you choose, whether you are selling our brand or customizing your own, ONUGE are your trusted supplier


Step 4: Research Your Competition


If you’re offering teeth whitening services, you need to check out your competition only in your local area. A quick search on Google Maps and Yelp will give you a good indication. Check out pricing, special offers, the way they do the treatments, type and strength of gel, etc.


Step 5: Find the Right Teeth Whitening Suppliers


How to find a suitable supplier is also a small problem, at least from the production capacity, supply capacity, product quality, product price, logistics and transportation, payment methods, qualification certificates and other aspects as a reference point. There is no doubt that ONUGE is the best choice in this regard, and the article on how to choose a suitable teeth whitening supplier will be updated from a professional point of view in the future, so stay tuned!

How Do I Start a Teeth Whitening Business


Step 6: Order products and complete product purchases

After choosing a teeth whitening supplier, a series of communication is required for the product, product packaging design, production process and transportation to confirmation of receipt and warehousing. At the same time, you need to prepare a business license and a series of sales qualifications, and finally become an official boss.


Step 7: Implement Your Marketing Plan and Just Do It


Being the boss is just the beginning, you need to work your way up to selling those teeth whitening products. For example, through friend introduction, promotion through activities, sales through the Internet, etc. Make a list of your favorite ways to market and commit to running a business you love every day. Just do it.




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