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How to Choose a Suitable Teeth Whitening Supplier?

13 October 23.


As we know, teeth whitening is one of the fastest growing market of the personal care and cosmetics industry. The global teeth whitening product market is expected to reach USD 7 billion by 2024. The blue ocean market has been discovered by many people, and now is the time to get a share of the pie. Whether you manage a dental clinic, beauty salon, spas, E-commerce platform seller or even a retail store, you need to consider several important factors before deciding your teeth whitening products business.


Before choosing a suitable wholesale supplier, you need to consider multiple factors, and then choose a reliable option. A teeth whitening supplier can usually be judged based on the following criteria.


Rich Teeth Whitening Experience

If you choose a wholesale teeth whitening product supplier, it is not going to be a single purchase. It is going to be a long-term association that will impact your business in a significant way. If the supplier has been in the teeth whitening industry for a long enough time and has enough experience, they will provide you with a lot of suggestions.


Quality Control and Certificate

Before choosing a wholesale supplier, you need to be sure that the products are safe for sale. You need to check whether the products are GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) certified or even better are they ISO 22716 (cosmetic ISO) certified. Besides that, check whether have MSDS, FDA, CPSR, BSCI, TRA etc.


Custom Services

Success in the teeth whitening field relies on delivering varied and innovative products to the market space. A nice wholesale supplier will be your partner in success by providing you with a comprehensive product line to choose from. In addition, light customization options will be provided, such as whether the packaging can be customized, whether the flavor can be customized, and even the cutting die, backing film printing, formula, etc. can be customized to provide you in the teeth whitening market.


Products Capacity and Cooperating Client

Production capacity is the part that best reflects the strength of a supplier. The higher the production capacity, the stronger the ability to receive orders and the better the quality control. If the supplier maintains a good partnership with an internationally renowned brand, it means that this supplier can be chosen with confidence and is very reliable.


Order Fulfillment

Choosing a supplier teeth whitening product manufacturer, it is up to you. However, you must be clear about the shipping procedure. Will the supplier ship products to your geographical location? How many days will it take to fulfill the order? What is the policy in case of damaged goods? Can you return the custom products? Discuss the company policies in detail in order to avoid any problems later.


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