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What are the safest whitening strips?

20 December 22.

Teeth whitening strips are thin sheets of plastic that are coated in teeth whitening agents like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, as well as an adhesive to make them stick to your teeth. Usually, they come in kits with enough strips to use on both the top and bottom teeth for two weeks.

While the majority of whitening strips are safe, using them too often can damage the enamel on your teeth as well as the dentin underneath.

The ingredients used can also cause gum irritation and teeth sensitivity, which should subside as soon as you stop using the strips.

make sure you're choosing strips that meet EU regulations and won't cause more problems (like tooth damage and gum irritation) than they solve.


Tips for using whitening strips safely

Whitening strips are a popular option for teeth whitening, but it's important to use them safely and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Here are some general tips for using whitening strips safely:

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