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Residue Free Teeth Whitening Strips

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Unlimited Possibilities for Your Brands

With Onuge, your brand name is on the label; we never market finished products with our brand name in place. This allows the opportunity to make your brand stand out, not ours. Not only do we provide you with high-quality products, we also provide services and support to help you successfully define and promote your brand, such as one-of-the-kind product design.

In a word, we help your company to custom the packaging from inside out.

How We Help Your Projects

1Send us your product sample, design file or packaging files to get your demo design.

2Confirm your product and packaging design as well as specificaton of your products.

3Start your mass production with quick lead time and on-process quality control.

Free Teeth Whitening Strips Sample

You can get a free sample of onuge Whitestrips! contact us, and you will get your own Teeth Whitening Strips free sample packs with your brand. We are so confident you, and your clients, will love our products, we want you to try them for FREE!

New formula PAP teeth whitening strips

How can whitening strips be made non-sensitive?

Conventional whitening strips use hydrogen peroxide which, if not operated by a dentist, can cause severe sensitivity, gum irritation, and damage to tooth enamel.

In contrast, our whitening strips are hydrogen peroxide free and use the clinically proven active whitening ingredient PAP (diisooctyl phthalate). PAP works similarly to peroxide, but it only breaks down stains and discoloration without causing any sensitivity, irritation or enamel damage. Please contact us for a comfortable and sensitivity-free experience.

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