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HP Coconut Oil Teeth Whitening Strips

fortune 500 brand's oem and odm direct supply factory, coconut oil health formula teeth whitening strips, rich in natural coconut oil, the strips can effectively reduce tooth sensitiveness caused by hydrogen peroxide. Formulated with the active ingredient 6% hydrogen peroxide to immediately break down stains on the tooth surface and lighten the colour of tooth enamel.

Why Choose Onuge Peroxide Whitening Strips

❤OEM/ODM Manufacture

fortune 500 brand's oem and odm direct supply factory, customized flavors and ingredients

❤Onuge Capacity

10+ fully automatic production lines, 2,000,000+ daily output

❤Quality Control

rigorous quality control, comprehensive tracking services provided at every step

❤World Bestseller

best-selling in 60+ countries and 500+ regions around the world

TypeSecond generation Peroxide Whitening Strips
Item NamePeroxide teeth whitening strips
BrandOnuge or Private your label
IngredientNon Peroxide / 6% HP
Content14x Pouches Teeth Whitening Strips(14pcs Upper Strips, 14pcs Lower Strips)
1x User manual
1x Shade guide
Usage of Whitening StripsUse once day, 14-day as a treatment; Use twice a day, 7 days as a treatment.
Active Result onRemove Stains of smoking, coffee, tea, drink. Whitening Teeth By Daily Use
Shipping MethodDHL, UPS, FedEx, Air Freight, Sea Freight
ServiceOEM is Available
Our Advantages1. Factory certified by GMPC, ISO 22716, BSCI & SMETA 4P
2. Products certified by FDA, CE, CPSR & MSDS
3. Professional R&D team, Unique Residue-Free Technology
4. Fortune 500 brand's OEM factory
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Basic Information 

Brand Name: onuge                        

Item Name: Peroxide Whitening Dry Strips

Certifacates: CE MSDS CPSR ISO22716 GMPC

Ingredients: 6% HP

Feature: Efficiently whiten teeth, comfortable to use, fresh smell 

Shelf Life: 24 Months


28PCS(14 Upper+14 Lower)

1PCS Shade Guide

Net 14 pairs, 

one box for basic whitening, 

2 boxes for advanced whitening,

3 boxes for enhanced whitening

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Still afraid to smile after using many teeth whiteinng products?

Distressed Brush your teeth every day, the teeth are still very yellow

Not confident - Teeth are always not white smile without confidence

Choose Onuge Peroxide Whitening Strips

4 major technical highlights, easy to brighten teeth 

Efficient whitening 

6% HP formula 

Mild formula 

Not irritating, not hurting teeth 

High adhesion 

teeth whitening dry strips, more sticky, non-slip compliant 

Easy to use,30~60 mins a day quick action and easy to use, ,whitening your teeth everytime and everywhere, even Drink water, sports or speak

Non-slip, use polymer embedding technology to be more firmly adhere for the surface of tooth

Coconut flavor formula, Specially added coconut oil essence,fresh smell, healthy and comfortable 

Portable,  easy to carry 

Principles of Whitening    

1. Decompose tooth pigment when the peroxide whitening strips is attached to the tooth surface, the whitening agent and plant whitening factor fully contact with the saliva, and begin to release the new ecological reactive oxygen, which permeates into the tooth enamel and dentin, and breaks down the pigment to achieve the whitening effect       

2. Brighten your teeth

The use of slow-release penetration technology to ensure the continuous release of whitening ingredients on the teeth strips, with anti-saliva effect and excellent teeth whitening effect   

Usage Method

Step 1:Wash and dry your hands.Tear foil bag and peel off backing film

Step 2:Aligning strips to your gum line,press the sticky side firmly onto your teeth

Step 3:Peel off strips and rinse your mouth properly after 30-60 minutes using.

hp coconut dry strips (1).jpg

hp coconut dry strips (2).jpg

hp coconut dry strips (3).jpg

hp coconut dry strips (4).jpg

hp coconut dry strips (5).jpg

hp coconut dry strips (6).jpg




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