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Non Peroxide Mint Teeth Whitening Strips

Non peroxide high adhesion teeth whitening dry strips, mild formula without hydrogen peroxide, it is much safer than hydrogen peroxide products, more superior teeth whitening effect than hydrogen peroxide. Peroxide-free whitening treatments may be safer than those that use peroxides because they don’t release free radicals that can cause damage. 

Benefits of the teeth whitening strips

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TypeSecond generation teeth whitening strips
Item NameNon Peroxide Mint teeth whitening strips
BrandOnuge or Private your label
IngredientNon Peroxide / 6% HP
Content14x Pouches Teeth Whitening Strips(14pcs Upper Strips, 14pcs Lower Strips)
1x User manual
1x Shade guide
Usage of Whitening StripsUse once day, 14-day as a treatment; Use twice a day, 7 days as a treatment.
Active Result onRemove Stains of smoking, coffee, tea, drink. Whitening Teeth By Daily Use
Shipping MethodDHL, UPS, FedEx, Air Freight, Sea Freight
ServiceOEM is Available
Our Advantages1. Factory certified by GMPC, ISO 22716, BSCI & SMETA 4P
2. Products certified by FDA, CE, CPSR & MSDS
3. Professional R&D team, Unique Residue-Free Technology
4. Fortune 500 brand's OEM factory
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30min a day for Visible Whitening

Non-Peroxide High-adhesion Teeth Whitening Dry Strips

High-adhesion Teeth Whitening Dry Strips

Only need to use 30-60 minutes at a time

Non hydrogen peroxide mild formula


Brand Name:Onuge                                              

Item Name:Teeth Whitening Strips

Ingredients:Menthol / Hydroxypropyl cellulose      

Certifacates:CE MSDS CPSR ISO22716 GMPC

Feature:Advanced no slip / Fast whitening             

Shelf Life: 24 Months

Contents:28PCS(14 Upper+14 Lower);1PCS Shade Guide;1PCS User Manual

Provide exquisite packaging customization 

The Necessity Of Using Teeth Whitening Strips

Brush teeth every day, the teeth are still yellow 

Teeth are always yellow, smile without confident 

Exquisite makeup, but yellow teeth 

Study Found

Daily Brushing:

Can only act on the surface of the teeth, slow down the teeth yellowing caused by sxternal

Teeth Whitening Strips:

The active oxygen in the dental paste penetrates into the enamel and dentin, decomposes the deep pigment in the teeth then whitens the teeth 

Convenient To Use Effectively Whiten Teeth 

1:No side effect 

Mild formula without hydrogen peroxide   

2:Much safer

It is much safer than hydrogen peroxide products 

3:Better effect

More superior teeth whitening effect than hydrogen peroxide formula

5 Core Features

Efficiently whiten teeth

High adhesion

More stability formula

Mild formula

Slim and invisible

Teeth will gradually bright and white after periodic use

Before: Yellow teeth

After: After long-term use, have shining and white teeth 

Usage Method

Step 1:Wash and dry your hands.Tear foil bag and peel off backing film

Step 2:Aligning strips to your gum line,press the sticky side firmly onto your teeth

Step 3:Peel off strips and rinse your mouth properly after 30-60 minutes using.

Non Peroxide Mint Teeth Whitening Strips

Non Peroxide Mint Teeth Whitening Strips

Non Peroxide Mint Teeth Whitening Strips

Non Peroxide Mint Teeth Whitening Strips

Non Peroxide Mint Teeth Whitening Strips

2021 Factory Strength General Area

2021 Factory Strength General Area

2021 Factory Strength General Area


Are peroxide-free teeth whitening treatments effective?

There are many non-peroxide teeth whitening products on the market, and some work better than others. It really depends on the type of whitening product and the whitening ingredients.

Peroxide-free whitening products like toothpaste and mouthwash are less likely to make a huge difference in tooth color, while whitening pens, strips, and kits are more likely to significantly whiten your teeth.

Some of the most common whitening ingredients used in peroxide-free whitening products include:

●sodium bicarbonate


●Papain and Bromelain Extract

●Phthalimide peroxycaproic acid (PAP)

●coconut oil

Each of these ingredients has been shown to remove stains and whiten teeth to some extent, although most are not as effective as hydrogen peroxide.

PAP teeth whitening, on the other hand, has been shown to be as effective as hydrogen peroxide but does not damage tooth enamel and gum tissue like peroxide.

How effective is teeth whitening?

Discoloration and staining are caused by pigmented foods and drinks attaching to the organic matter of the teeth. To whiten and remove stains, there are two different methods: physical and chemical. Learn more about teeth-staining foods.

Teeth Whitening Without Hydrogen Peroxide Is it possible to whiten teeth without using hydrogen peroxide?

Physical stain removal requires the use of abrasives on the surface of the tooth, while chemical bleaching can remove surface and deeper embedded stains. Therefore, chemical whitening is a more effective way to remove stains than physical stain removal alone.

Chemical whitening and stain removal involves the oxidation of stains and changes in the molecules that maintain color. Basically, the bleaching agent gets in through the enamel and breaks down these molecules. Smaller molecules are lighter in color, so the overall tooth appears whiter. Common chemicals used to do this include:

●hydrogen peroxide

●carbamide peroxide

●Phthalimide peroxycaproic acid (PAP)

All of these chemicals remove stains and lighten teeth through oxidation; however, only peroxide releases free radicals when it does so. Free radicals can cause side effects such as tooth sensitivity, gum irritation, and enamel demineralization.

PAP does not release free radicals and is therefore considered safer for your enamel and gum tissue!

Is non-peroxide teeth whitening safe?

Peroxide-free teeth whitening treatments such as PAP are considered safer than those that use peroxide because they do not release free radicals that can cause damage.

Teeth Whitening Gel Non-Peroxide Dentists still prefer peroxide whitening treatments because professional application can minimize damage.

Dentists tend to use primarily peroxide-based teeth whitening treatments in the office because professional application can help minimize damage. However, when used in home whitening treatments, peroxide can become unsafe and cause unpleasant side effects.

Peroxide-free whitening treatments may be safer than those that use peroxide because they don't release free radicals that can cause damage.

Dentists have not explored PAP as much as peroxide treatments. This may be because it is relatively new to the market and there is less research on it compared to peroxides. It also has a higher pH, which means it has a shorter shelf life.

The Best Non-Peroxide Teeth Whitening Treatment

Not many dentists currently use non-peroxide whitening products. However, there are many at-home peroxide-free whitening treatments on the market, including:

whitening strips



●whitening set

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