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Unlimited Possibilities for Your Brands

With Onuge, your brand name is on the label; we never market finished products with our brand name in place. This allows the opportunity to make your brand stand out, not ours. Not only do we provide you with high-quality products, we also provide services and support to help you successfully define and promote your brand, such as one-of-the-kind product design.

In a word, we help your company to custom the packaging from inside out.

How We Help Your Projects

1Send us your product sample, design file or packaging files to get your demo design.

2Confirm your product and packaging design as well as specificaton of your products.

3Start your mass production with quick lead time and on-process quality control.

Teeth Whitening Kit Wholesale

Onuge is a leading manufacturer of private label teeth whitening products (OEM/ODM your own teeth whitening bussiness), a distributor and a wholesale supplier of teeth whitening products around the world. 

We have been providing a full range of wholesale teeth whitening products for private label, professional teeth bleaching services, and beauty service centers, providing free samples, custom packaging, custom accessories, teeth whitening lights, and whitening gel.

We wholesale everything you need to start a successful teeth whitening business, click here to start your new teeth whitening business

Whether it's custom formulations, flavours or packaging, we provide end-to-end custom solutions for teeth whitening concerns and dental practices in the US, UK, Europe, Australia and elsewhere. 

Our FDA and ISO registrations attest to our state-of-the-art technology, clinically proven formulations and best-in-class products. 

Our teeth whitening products are known for their long-lasting results. 

Get in touch and bring a brighter smile to your customers.

We wholesale teeth whitening kit you need to run a successful teeth whitening business. When choosing a distributor, it is important that they have a thorough understanding of all the products and their benefits.

Fortune 500 Brands, Amazon Best Sellers, Chain Store, Offline Dental Care, Dental Clinic, Social Media Influencers

Types of branded whitening kits available for wholesale 

Become brighter and more confident with our custom-made teeth whitening kits – your smile, your decision.

Custom Branded Teeth Whitening StripsCustom Branded Teeth Whitening PowderCustom Branded Teeth Whitening PensCustom Branded Teeth Whitening GelCustom Branded Teeth Whitening Light

Brand: Onuge or Private your label

Ingredient: Non-Peroxide / 6% HP

Shipping Method: DHL, UPS, FedEx, Air Freight, Sea Freight

Certified: FDA, CE, CPSR & MSDS

Item Name: Activated charcoal teeth whitening powder

Brand: Onuge or Private your label

Usage: Daily use with a toothbrush

Net Weight: 30g (15g/40g/50g/60g/80g/100g is available)

Active Ingredient: Activated Carbon

Item Name: teeth whitening pen

Brand: Onuge or Private your label

Gel type: Non-Peroxide or 6% hydrogen peroxide or PAP

Flavor: Mint flavor

Certified: FDA, CE, CPSR & MSDS

Gel accepted OEM/Wholesale orders, 3 minutes fast whitening effect rapid whitening gel, including HP or CP or Non-Peroxide ingredients. Easy to carry, use anywhere and anytime.Teeth Whitening LED Light

Three-in-one Whitening Effect

Rechargeable Teeth Whitening Mouth Tray Light

Wireless Teeth Whitening LED Light

Wholesale Branded Teeth Whitening StripsWholesale Branded Teeth Whitening PowderWholesale Branded Teeth Whitening PenWholesale Branded Teeth Whitening GelWholesale Branded Teeth Whitening Light

We manufacture everything you need to run a successful teeth whitening business wholesale. When choosing a manufacturer, it is important that they gain a thorough understanding of all the products and their benefits. In 2005, Onuge has 20+ years of OEM/ODM experience with teeth whitening and personal care products. We offer a complete line of wholesale customized teeth whitening products for dentists, professional teeth bleaching services, and spas.

From complete professional teeth whitening kits to teeth whitening patches, Onuge has it all to wholesale! 

why choose us

Onuge teeth whitening kits customized wholesale

(1) According to the customer's target market, customize ingredients with the best effect. As we all know, different countries have different requirements for ingredients. For example, HP is not allowed to be added to teeth whitening strips in Europe, but HP is legally added as a whitening ingredient in the United States.

(2)Have a 100,000-square-meter dust-free workshop

(3)Onuge Secret Strips is a trusted OEM factory for Fortune 500 brands. It represents the highest standards in this industry.

(4) Onuge Secret Strips is registered by ISO22716, GMP, BSCI, STAMA, HALA, and FDA.

(5) According to the needs of target customers, the packaging can be customized, OEM your aluminum foil bags, and even the shape of the strips to make your whitening kit products unique.

(6) Effective whitening ingredients for you to choose from: HP, SC, PAP. For strip types, we can do wet, dry, residue-free and dissolving.

(7)you can also choose the taste of the teeth strips! Like mint, strawberry, raspberry, lime, rose, Cherry blossoms, green tea, and even the dead sea salt, amino acid conceptual addition are warmly welcome!

(8)Quality is our life! We will not sacrifice the effect and the scene of the use by using cheap and bad materials to make more profit. What price, what quality?

(9)We have a high repurchase rate of 93.20%.

(10)custom teeth whitening kits are available in retail or deluxe packaging.

Private Label Your Branded Teeth Whitening Kit Wholesale

(1)We specialize in customized teeth whitening kits, allowing you to choose the formulation, flavor, delivery container, decoration, and packaging to create your perfect customized whitening kit.

(2)FDA and CE registered

(3)Fast-acting, long-lasting whitening formula

(4)Non-sensitive with a stable shelf life

(5)Customized packaging from the inside out

We support the 7*24 service. If you have any problem during the cooperation, warmly welcome to email me directly to feedback:manager@onugechina.com

What we focus on is OEM teeth whitening products such as teeth whitening strips, teeth whitening gel, teeth whitening pens, and teeth whitening powder.

If you are unsure which items are best for your business, please contact us by email at manager@onugechina.com.

Wholesale teeth whitening kits products for your business

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