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tea tree oil function

1、Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic

Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic is one of the important effects of tea tree oil. You can usually dilute tea tree oil and apply it directly to the skin to eliminate skin inflammation and prevent viruses from harming the skin. In addition, when acne appears on the skin of the face, people can also apply an appropriate amount of tea tree oil to massage, it can make acne fade as soon as possible, and can prevent them from leaving traces on the skin.

2. Relieves pain and itching

In summer, when people are bitten by mosquitoes, red bumps will appear on the skin, and there will be obvious pain and itching symptoms, which will feel particularly uncomfortable, and when people apply the right amount of tea tree oil, it can make the transparent symptoms quickly reduce, and can make the red bumps fade away as soon as possible.

3.Remove dental plaque

Tea tree oil can also whiten teeth, can remove plaque, more prevent wisdom teeth appear, when needed, you can add tea tree oil to the right amount of pure water dilution, and then directly use the diluted tea tree oil to gargle, you can make the teeth on the plaque fade, and can eliminate oral inflammation, now with tea tree oil gargle, must pay attention to try not to swallow it, or it will cause regurgitation and nausea.

4.Nourish hair

Nourishing hair is also one of the important effects of tea tree oil, usually when people wash their hair can directly put tea tree oil drops into the water for washing hair, so that the hair can absorb rich nutrients, can make people's hair become black, soft and shiny, in addition, when washing hair, take an appropriate amount of tea tree oil, put it in the palm, rub evenly, and then directly massage the scalp, it can destroy the bacteria and viruses on the surface of the scalp, can prevent dermatitis hair loss and dandruff.

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