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Whitening Strips Without Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine dioxide-free whitening strips are teeth whitening products that do not contain chlorine dioxide as an active ingredient. Chlorine dioxide is a chemical compound commonly used in various industrial applications, including water purification and bleaching processes.

Some teeth whitening products may include chlorine dioxide due to its ability to break down and remove surface stains from the teeth. However, there has been some controversy and concern regarding the safety of chlorine dioxide in oral care products.

Chlorine dioxide-free whitening strips typically utilize alternative ingredients to achieve teeth whitening effects. These ingredients may include hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), activated charcoal, and other natural or synthetic compounds known for their teeth-whitening properties.

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As one of the main chemicals in many types of whitening strips, chlorine dioxide is the same as the cleaner used to disinfect swimming pools. That is, it removes plaque and stains from the teeth by dissolving the enamel. Removing tooth enamel removes stains. Nevertheless, it is a dangerous and irreversible process and experts say that with prolonged use, the white strips can cause enamel to wear away, increasing the risk of tooth decay; therefore, you should always ensure that you use whitening strips without chlorine dioxide - charcoal teeth whitening strips are a good choice.

Just because your whitening strips don't contain chlorine dioxide doesn't mean you're exempt from other risks. Many people make the mistake of using whitening strips for longer than directed. All this is done to achieve faster and more dramatic results. However, this can also lead to the risk of wear and tear on tooth enamel and even adjacent gum tissue. If you feel that your teeth become inflamed during the use of whitening patches, the manufacturer recommends that you stop using the patches and visit your dentist.

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Professional Whitening Vs. Teeth Whitening Strips
It's an usual misconception that teeth whitening strips give the exact same level of whitening as seeing a dentist to have your teeth properly lightened, at a lower cost factor. Unfortunately, this isn't the instance, and this is as a result of just how each of the teeth whitening methods functions as well as the ingredients they use.

What to Expect When Getting Your Teeth Professionally Whitened In-Office
Teeth whitening in-office is the best smile transformation. When you see your dentist to have your teeth expertly whitened you can anticipate to attain the smile of your dreams.

Your dental practitioner can assist you achieve such white teeth since they have accessibility to much stronger whitening ingredients than you would certainly find in teeth whitening strips. Along with more powerful ingredients, your dentist will certainly produce a tray that is custom fit to your mouth. This will certainly guarantee that the bleach is equally distributed throughout your teeth, which will give you an even whitening.

Along with more powerful ingredients as well as a custom-made tray, you likewise benefit from having the whitening solution done by a qualified expert. While you are in the workplace, a dental professional will certainly be with you from beginning to end.

Your dental professional will certainly monitor the lasers on your teeth as they aid the whitening gel dive deep beneath your enamel to reach your color pigments, which is something whitening strips can not do. Furthermore, they will certainly exist to ensure the procedure goes efficiently and also will normally have you in and out in under a hr. You can expect your teeth to be 8 shades whiter after just one see!

What to Expect When Using Whitening Strips
Whitening strips are adaptable rectangle-shaped plastic movies covered in the whitening gel. The gel usually consists of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Whitening strips are available over the counter. The strips are normally worn for an average of half an hour daily, although the duration can vary based upon the brand name. Overall, the teeth whitening process typically occupies to 2 weeks as well as you can anticipate your teeth to be 3-6 shades whiter.

In-Office Teeth Whitening Vs. Teeth Whitening Strips Cons
Since we understand that professional whitening is a lot more effective than whitening strips, we intend to cover several of the cons of both whitening techniques.

In-Office Teeth Whitening
Due to the fact that you are having your teeth whitened by a specialist that understands specifically what to do, there are extremely couple of disadvantages to having your teeth whitened in-office.

The Cost
When compared to teeth whitening strips, the cost of having your teeth skillfully lightened is a bit higher. Nevertheless, it typically takes multiple teeth whitening strip packages to accomplish a fraction of the brightness you can accomplish in simply one workplace see.

Teeth Whitening Strips
Sadly, teeth whitening strips include countless adverse negative effects that you don't have to stress over when having your teeth whitened by a specialist.

Whitening Strips May Damage Your Enamel
As talked about previously, teeth whitening strips are risk-free for lots of people when they follow directions. However, the hydrogen peroxide in the gel can damage your tooth's enamel when made use of in high focus or for an extensive duration. That claimed, many strips available over-the-counter need to be safe as long as they are ADA-approved. Certainly, you can constantly talk to your dentist for a second opinion when unsure.

However, the trouble develops when you make use of a whitening strip with chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is the same chemical made use of to decontaminate swimming pools. Manufacturers occasionally use it as an active ingredient in the white strip to eliminate stains.

Unfortunately, chlorine dioxide eliminates the plaque as well as discolorations from your teeth by dissolving the enamel. Getting rid of the enamel eliminates the spots. Still, it is a dangerous and permanent procedure; consequently, you must always ensure the whitening strips you use do not contain Chlorine dioxide.

It's crucial to ensure you utilize teeth whitening strips moderately. Excessive using the strips can result in tooth level of sensitivity and also irreversible enamel damage also when they don't include Chlorine dioxide.

The tooth enamel can not grow when deteriorated. For that reason, the nerves in your teeth will certainly be prone to temperature level sensitivity. In addition, you will certainly run the risk of developing dental caries and also more severe issues. So, you ought to ensure your teeth are healthy and balanced and also follow the instructions when using whitening strips.

Whitening Strips May Cause Gum Damage
Although teeth level of sensitivity as well as irreversible enamel disintegration are the significant threats related to whitening gels, gum sensitivity is additionally possible. This might result from the gel spilling on your gum tissues and damaging the soft tissues of your gum tissues.

So, you ought to constantly avoid call in between your gums and the whitening strips as long as feasible. But most of us understand that this is much easier claimed than done since the strips are cut straight across without your periodontal's sculpting in mind. You can attempt reducing the strips to match your smile for a lot more accurate positioning or consider the dentist-made trays that follow your periodontal's contours.

Whitening Strips May Result in Uneven Teeth Whitening
Regardless of the precision you make use of when using the whitening strips, you can not cover every surface of your teeth. Because of its rectangular form, there will constantly be abyss and also cracks that the strip can not get to. Although you'll whiten the locations with precision, the untouched surface areas will maintain their shade as other surfaces get whiter. Consequently, the undesirable yellow areas on your teeth will be conveniently visible.

To stay clear of uneven whitening, ask your dental expert for the whitening trays. The trays are formed to cover every tooth surface area, making sure the gel reaches the spaces and crannies of your teeth, creating much better results. Additionally, the trays avoid the saliva from cleaning the gel away.

Arrange Your In-Office Teeth Whitening Today
While it can appear luring to save some cash and whiten your teeth in your home, there is absolutely nothing even more effective and more secure than having your teeth professionally bleached.

At Summit Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer corrective, sedation, cosmetic, and household dental care solutions to individuals in the Spokane area. Our team guarantees outstanding take care of lasting and reliable outcomes offering you that million-dollar smile.

If you are seeking even more information on whiter teeth, contact us and also schedule your appointment today! We'll aid make the smile of your dreams a reality!

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