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White Whitening Dental Strips Infused With Coconut Oil are a professional teeth whitening treatment designed to fit your teeth better while providing an outstanding whitening effect.

Your teeth whiten rapidly through unique oxygen activation technology and newly improved Coconut Oil whitening formula. Coconut Oil’s antibacterial properties reduces cavities, plaque formation, and plaque induced gingivitis improving teeth sensitivity. Corrects bacterial balance in your mouth killing bad bacteria and allowing good bacteria to thrive.

coconut oil pulling has been used for generations. Containing lauric acid, coconut oil is a natural remedy for removing harmful bacteria from your mouth. By removing the bacteria, plaque formation is reduced, and teeth are whitened! Engineered by dental professionals, our team was able to develop a unique method of blending pure coconut oil with hydrogen peroxide to create a superior whitening experience.

Our team of dentists, hygienists and chemists approached teeth whitening as a chemistry problem. We've developed an enamel-safe formulation that uses hydrogen peroxide to split carbon double bonds into single bonds through the release of oxygen and hydroxyl free radicals. Using oxidation, our no-slips strips whiten your teeth on a molecular level!

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Activated Charcoal and Coconut Oil Teeth Whitening Strips work to create a brighter and whiter smile. It will naturally remove stains without harming enamel or causing sensitivity.

Certified non-toxic formula: with coconut oil, white turmeric and other enamel-safe whitening ingredients which coat the enamel surface. Our flexible strips are designed to conveniently whiten teeth, without any sensitivity.

Coconut Oil

Lauric acid found in coconut oil prevents formation of oral cavities and plaque buildup.

make long-term use possible through a gentle formula. Designed to whiten and brighten your teeth without any enamel damage or sensitivity issues.

avoiding peroxides and other bleaching agents. Instead, it is formulated with nourishing coconut oil, white turmeric, dead sea salt and other naturally-derived ingredients.

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