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If your current brushing and flossing routine isn’t enough to remove stains and discoloration, it might be time to consider teeth whitening strips that return your smile to its former luster. But when all teeth whitening strips promise a brighter smile and pearlier whites, how do you choose? To help determine the best teeth whitening strips, we consulted Diane Klein, DDS, co-owner of Dynamic Dental P.L.L.C. in Staten Island, NY, for advice on what to look for when choosing from the many teeth whitening strips and kits on the market. She recommends looking for products with the American Dental Association (ADA) seal. She also advises carefully following the instructions on how to apply the strips and how long to leave them on to reduce sensitivity and avoid irritation. “Look for strips that are a good size for your teeth,” Dr. Klein says, noting that teeth whitening by a dental professional is ideal for a more customized application. “If you choose strips that are too small, you will get uneven whitening. If you choose strips that are too large, they can irritate your gums. Some strips are manufactured so that you can cut them to the exact size of your teeth.” Read on for more teeth whitening strips for a brighter smile.
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