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Tooth Pain Remedies Have you ever dealt with a tooth pain that keeps you up at night? Calling our Sunset Dental office is the best thing you can do to schedule an emergency dental appointment. However, if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere out camping, or you are not able to come into the dental office as quickly as you’d like, what can you do? Pain is always an indication of a problem. Here are some things you can do in order to reduce the pain until you can see a dentist! Painkillers While we don’t advocate to always turn to painkillers for everything, over-the-counter ibuprofen can be a lifesaver when you have a serious toothache. Depending upon the severity of pain, you may need advanced painkillers that do require a prescription. Normally painkillers are called in after a patient undergoes a serious procedure like a tooth extraction, dental implant, or root canal. Salt & Water Gargle Dissolve some salt into a glass of warm water. Use the salty water to rinse your mouth. Gargle the water throughout the mouth, focusing on the area where you are experiencing the most pain. Cold Compress Use an ice pack, or create your own ice pack with some ice cubes in a plastic baggie and hold this against the cheek next to the area where you experience pain. Cold compressing the area can help to reduce pain and inflammation. Cloves or Clove Oil For those patients that want a more natural approach to pain, consider using cloves or clove oil to help with the pain. Place a clove on the area where you are having pain and keep it there until you start feeling relief. Others recommend using two drops of clove oil on the area and gargling with clove oil in water. Tee Tree Oil Clove works well for some while others find tea tree oil to be helpful for pain. If you have some at home, put one or two drops directly on the tooth or area where you have pain. Dropping some tea tree oil on some cotton balls and holding those balls near the tooth can bring some relief.
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