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Certified non-toxic formula organic teeth whitening strips

Teeth whitening strips with coconut oil, tea tree oil, dead Sea salt, chamomile extract, no artificial coloring, and other enamel-safe whitening ingredients that coat the enamel surface. Our custom strips are designed to whiten teeth, without any sensitivity conveniently: custom packages and shapes for you to personise your business.

nature organic formula

Coconut oil teeth whitening stripsCoconut oil contains natural antibiotics and antiviral properties that can clean the surface of the teeth to remove yellow tartar and make them brighter and whiter, as well as help to improve gum health and eliminate bad breath.
tea tree oil teeth whitening stripsTea tree oil can also whiten teeth, remove plaque and prevent the appearance of wisdom teeth
lemon oil teeth whitening stripsEliminate bad breath Lemon oil can eliminate oral diseases such as thrush and bad breath.
Dead Sea salt teeth whitening stripsSea salt also has whitening properties. Not only can it be used as a natural scrub, but it also contains phosphorus and iron to strengthen teeth. In addition, some sea salts, such as Dead Sea salt, also contain trace elements. This is very safe for daily use and very effective!
Himalayan powder salt teeth whitening stripsSea salt also has whitening features. Not only can it be used as a traditional natural scrub, but it also contains phosphorus and iron to strengthen teeth. In addition, some sea salts are very safe for daily use and effective!
Chamomile extract teeth whitening stripsChamomile extracts not only whitens teeth but also protects them from bleeding gums and other conditions.
ginseng extract teeth whitening stripsginseng extract is a great way to maintain and nourish your teeth and gums while you age.
alcohol-free teeth whitening stripsIt is also relatively less irritating and milder to the teeth
Hydroxyapatite teeth whitening stripsIt prevents and cures tooth decay, is non-toxic and biocompatible, helps to restore the smoothness of the tooth surface and the original color of the enamel (healthy white), balances the oral flora, effectively balances the pH level in our mouth and improves the health of the gums
sucralose teeth whitening stripsSucralose is a derivative of sucrose, a purely natural product, which is not used by various bacteria and is effective in improving the oral environment, and has an effective anti-cavity effect.

How to use

STEP1: peel

Peel whitening strips of back liner with dry hands

STEP2: apply

Align the teeth strip to your gum line,press the sticky gel side firmly onto your teeth

STEP3: remove

Remove the strips after 30~60 minutes, rinse-free

Benefits of the onuge teeth whitening strips

OEM/ODM Manufacture

fortune 500 brand's oem and odm direct supply factory, customized flavors and ingredients

Onuge Capacity

10+ fully automatic production lines, 2,000,000+ daily output

Quality Control

rigorous quality control, comprehensive tracking services provided at every step

World Bestseller

best-selling in 60+ countries and 500+ regions around the world

why safe

Non-toxic, bleach-free, alcohol-free, and peroxide-free. Great for sensitive teeth and safe to swallow

Dead Sea Salt, and Hydroxyapatite to power a brighter, whiter smile.

Leave your mouth feeling fresh with menthol from peppermint oil plus coconut oil and lemon peel oil.

loaded with 100% natural ingredients which are gentle on your enamel but tough on stains.

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