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We put the Hismile PAP+ Teeth Whitening Kit to the test after receiving a complimentary sample from the brand. Keep reading for our full product review. I have never fully believed in teeth whitening, especially the at-home variety. Much like micro-needling and extractions, I just thought teeth whitening was one of those beauty endeavors best left to professionals. That, and the fact that every single whitening product I had ever tried had left me with either sensitive teeth, eczema around my mouth, or less-than-impressive results. Hismile is a brand that’s been in my peripherals (and feed) for years now. The Instagram ads are hard to ignore, but I remained staunchly opposed to the idea of it… that is until they released a hydrogen peroxide-free kit that claims to visibly whiten in just one session. The Hismile PAP+ Teeth Whitening Kit is perfect on paper, but I get that Internet hype often falls short in real life. So as any dutiful beauty writer would do, I obtained a kit and got to work. Keep reading for my full review.
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