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If you are considering whitening your teeth, you may have come across peroxide whitening. Using hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide in teeth whitening products is quite popular, including at the dentist’s. But there’s one more option that most people may not be aware of — PAP teeth whitening. PAP teeth whitening is steadily gaining popularity, but as it is still relatively new, not many use it. This post takes you through all you need to know about PAP teeth whitening to enable you to determine if it is the right option for your teeth whitening needs. What is PAP Teeth Whitening? PAP is an acronym for Phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid — yes, it is a mouthful; that’s why it is commonly simply known as PAP. This synthetic organic peroxy acid is primarily used as a bleaching activator. It is now used as a teeth whitening agent. PAP is a bleaching activator for whitening discolored molecules on your teeth. Like hydrogen peroxide used in traditional teeth whitening products, PAP also triggers a chemical reaction (oxidation), breaking down stains and making your teeth lighter in shade.
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