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At present, the majority of consumers want to have white and bright teeth, but not all stains can be removed by ordinary tooth brushing methods. Now tooth bleaching products achieve the effect of whitening teeth through penetration and oxidation, so , very popular with consumers. Peroxydone series complexes are free-flowing and odorless white powders that dissolve or swell in various types of solvents and have strong plasticity. According to the requirements of formula design, they can be made into Oral care products in various structural forms, such as liquid, gel, tablet and film. The unique biobonding film-forming and thickening effects of Peroxydone series complexes endow the product with excellent physical texture, And different from other solid forms of hydrogen peroxide, it provides stable hydrogen peroxide to achieve a more whitening effect through oxidation, becoming one of the most ideal choices for oral care whitening products.

Saliva - an often overseen mouth property that is absolutely essential in maintaining healthy teeth. A thin layer of Saliva should

always be present on your teeth to act as a shield, ensuring your teeth are protected and hydrated. But what happens if you're

Stripped of your saliva? Your teeth get dehydrated and your nerves are exposed, causing sensitivity.

So, what's this PVP ingredient? Polyvinylpyrralidone, also known as PVP, is an adhesive polymer found in those leading brand teeth

whitening strips. Notable for its inclusion in glue sticks, batteries, paints and inks, PVP absorbs water, (98% of Saliva is water!),

exposing teeth's nerves and causing you pain. Whitening strip brands will often blame hydrogen peroxide for sensitivity - but if

directions are followed as the teeth whitening package suggests, this should not be the case. PVP is an unnecessary ingredient that

has developed the stigma on teeth whitening causing tooth sensitivity. Say no to PVP, and save your saliva! .

Onuojie produces PVP-free tooth whitening strips to protect your oral health while whitening your teeth

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