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Good. Now that we have set the mood you can keep reading.

We just launched our own Activated Charcoal teeth whitening product, 
C+C Whitening factory by Molr Dental Club. So you probably have a few questions, You may not know this, but many people say I have a gift. I can anticipate what you are thinking, and I will do my best to answer your questions before they come in.


Great question. Simple answer is you guys, after we launched we asked our community to give us some feedback on what else we could be doing. The answer was overwhelmingly: Teeth Whitening. But not some chemical in a tray, not some fake UV light. You guys wanted something that worked and was safe. We went to work.

How does it work? (or as I like to say: "Black is the new White").

How does looking like a backup dancer in the "Thriller" video make my teeth white? Here is a quick lesson (I hope the background music makes this less boring).

We use 100% all natural Activated Charcoal made from coconuts. Coconuts are super heated with steam in the absence of oxygen. This strips away the internal atoms of the charcoal and all that is left is a carbon skeleton. This makes the charcoal extremely porous, like a super sponges on steroids.

Next the Charcoal is ground into a very fine powder. When you dip your brush into water the powder turns into a paste. You brush your teeth with it like you would any other toothpaste. 

When you brush with it the small sponges bind to stain and toxins in your mouth through a process called adsorption. Those pours in the charcoal fill up and bind to the stain on your teeth.

Rinse your mouth after 2-3 minutes of brushing and smile!

Is it safe? Will it wear down my teeth?

This is probably your number one concern, its a common question. I am about to get super dentist nerdy on you so I hope you're ready.

The American Dental Association does this thing called RDA testing (RDA stands for Relative Dentine Abrasivity, I told you it was nerdy). This test measures how abrasive different brands of toothpastes are. 0 is the best, 200 is their threshold limit. Heres some common examples and where they stack up.

-Colgate 2 in 1 fresh mint: 70

-Crest (regular): 95

-Colgate Whitening: 124

-Arm and Hammer PM Dental Care fresh mint: 168

Where does activated charcoalfall on the RDA scale? between  70-90!

The thing to remember is that with Activated Charcoal whitening does not happen through Abrasion (like what sand paper does, stripping away layers), it works through Adsorption (the bonding of particles to the pours within the activated charcoal).

Did we lose you? Song still going?

We worked hard to find an all natural, effective form of teeth whitening that we know you will love. Our blend of 100% natural, medical grade Activated Charcoal will ensure that your mouth will not only look great, but it will feel great to.

Thanks for your time and #KeepSmiling


Co-founder of Molr Dental Club.


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