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Start your wholesale teeth whitening business now!

Onuge, as a high-quality wholesale teeth whitening strip product supplier, the teeth whitening strips we sell will definitely meet your needs. We are proud of our diverse flavors and pure natural materials. We offer a wide range of flavor options such as mint, charcoal, coconut, strawberry, orange, etc. to ensure that your customers can enjoy the whitening process according to their taste preferences. Our teeth whitening strips are made from all-natural, eco-friendly materials, meaning they are harmless to the environment and to the user's teeth and oral health.

Each teeth whitening strip is carefully packaged and individually packaged to ensure the hygiene of the product. Not only does this make the product easy to store and carry, it also ensures that each whitening strip reaches the customer's hands in the same exceptional quality as before. Onuge is committed to providing you with an unparalleled whitening experience so your clients can achieve confident smiles with peace of mind and pleasure.

All Onuge teeth whitening solutions are outstanding and result in repeat business, loyalty and profit potential. The factory has passed GMPC, ISO 22716, BSCI & SMETA 4P certification, and the products have passed FDA, CE, CPSR, and MSDS certification to create the safest teeth whitening products!

Before and after using teeth whitening products

Before using teeth whitening strips, your teeth may have become discolored or stained from a variety of factors, including food and drink, smoking, or aging. You can look forward to a brighter, whiter smile after using whitening strips. These strips usually contain a peroxide-based whitening gel that whitens stains on your teeth.

Before use, your teeth may be yellow or have visible stains. As you continue to use the whitening strips as directed, you should notice a gradual improvement in the color of your teeth. These strips are designed to apply easily and adhere to the tooth surface, allowing the whitening agent to penetrate the enamel and break down stains.

Be sure to follow the instructions carefully to avoid overuse, which may cause tooth sensitivity. Some people may experience temporary tooth sensitivity or gum irritation after using whitening strips, but these side effects usually subside within a short period of time.

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Why choose us?

Ideal gel strength

The high quality strips have a high strength gel which does not buckle even when touched hard and completely prevents the gel from sticking to your hands.

Good peelability of the adhesive strips

Our adhesive strips can be peeled off from the rigid plastic film at will. After the strips have been removed, the appearance is neat and clean. Even squeezed dental strips do not leave gel on the hard plastic film.

Good adhesive strip adhesion

Our dental strips have a unique elastic bond and high density properties that provide excellent adhesion and adhere to the teeth better than ordinary dental strips. The good adhesion prevents the band from falling off the tooth. Sliding downwards ensures effectiveness and makes it more comfortable.

Long-term stability of the strips

The strips can be kept for two to three years without swelling or melting, and the whitening effect does not deteriorate, an important prerequisite for your sales.

Unique formulations

Based on our instant whitening formula PAP+, we've designed strips as our most convenient way to whiten yet.PAP+ Strips instead utilise a PAP+ Strips instead utilise a sensitivity-free PAP-based formula.

Let Onuge be your powerful manufacturer and support your teeth whitening business!

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