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teeth whitening strips wholesale

teeth whitening strips wholesale

Custom logo teeth whitening strips

We use high quality ingredients in our formulations and our low shipping prices, not to mention our fast delivery times, mean that you can get your product to market and sold much faster than with other international suppliers.

Individual packaging: each strip is individually packaged to ensure hygiene and ease of use for your customers.

Bespoke complete sets with outer boxes

Bespoke flavours: mint, charcoal, coconut, strawberry and orange ...... We are committed to realising your recipe.

Discounted wholesale prices for bulk orders

When it comes to marketing, a complete set of whitening strips is sure to meet the needs of your brand and your customers.

Made to meet the needs of your brand

We will work with your team to develop dental strips for your target market, both peroxide and non-peroxide. Our ready-made strips can be produced in a wide range of flavours including: mint, coconut and strawberry to name but a few.

In addition, so can the entire brand packaging. Our team sees your packaging as a winning weapon in the marketplace and we devote 100% of our energy to helping you create and produce the perfect packaging for your strip.

Code compliance

With regard to peroxide strips, we comply with UK and EU legislation and sell up to 6% peroxide through specialist dental channels or 0.1% peroxide through retail/online to the end user.

Fresh Breath

In both options, we can offer unique dissolving strips which, when combined with a strong mint flavouring or fresh flavouring, provide excellent whitening results and fresh breath.

Easy to use, easy to feel the magic

We produce products that sell well and work well. Use as follows: Open 1 pack of strips and remove from the plastic backing. The side that is attached to the plastic contains the whitening gel. Apply the gel side of the longer strip to the top teeth along the gum line. Press the strip onto the tooth and seal it, then fold the rest of the strip behind the tooth. Repeat with the shorter strip for your lower teeth. Allow the recommended amount of time. Remove the strip and discard.

teeth whitening strips wholesale

Onuge advantages

Ideal gel strength

The high quality strips have a high strength gel which does not buckle even when touched hard and completely prevents the gel from sticking to your hands.

Good peelability of the adhesive strips

Our adhesive strips can be peeled off from the rigid plastic film at will. After the strips have been removed, the appearance is neat and clean. Even squeezed dental strips do not leave gel on the hard plastic film.

Good adhesive strip adhesion

Our dental strips have a unique elastic bond and high density properties that provide excellent adhesion and adhere to the teeth better than ordinary dental strips. The good adhesion prevents the band from falling off the tooth. Sliding downwards ensures effectiveness and makes it more comfortable.

Long-term stability of the strips

The strips can be kept for two to three years without swelling or melting, and the whitening effect does not deteriorate, an important prerequisite for your sales.

Unique formulations

Based on our instant whitening formula PAP+, we've designed strips as our most convenient way to whiten yet.PAP+ Strips instead utilise a PAP+ Strips instead utilise a sensitivity-free PAP-based formula.

Let Onuge be your powerful manufacturer and support your teeth whitening business!

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