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Private Label Teeth Whitening Manufacturers Usa

Private Label Teeth Whitening Manufacturer | Onuge  Get a Sample

On the journey of beauty, Onuge opens the door to innovation for you, allowing you to have unique private-label teeth whitening products.

Imagine your brand, your logo, shining brightly on a private label teeth whitening product. Onuge is not only a manufacturer, but also a strong supporter of your brand value. Showcasing your brand on your teeth whitening products and packaging is more than just a form of promotion, it’s a unique way to give you credibility like no other.

We take your brand as the starting point and provide you with a full range of customized services. Whether it's teeth whitening products, supplies or accessories, we can create a unique range of products tailored to your brand. And this kind of customization is not limited to teeth whitening strips, but also includes various types of whitening products, creating a diversified product line for your brand.

We carefully produce all kinds of private label tooth whitening packaging, with all kinds of decorations and customized styles. We strive to pursue designs that are consistent with your brand philosophy, ensuring that every detail reflects your unique brand style.

Choosing Onuge is not only choosing high-quality teeth whitening products, but also giving your brand a unique shine. Start your brand's whitening journey and create a unique beauty legend.

Custom Private Label Teeth Whitening Kits

Onuge offers private-label whitening solutions designed to help businesses of all types discover how teeth whitening can improve their bottom line.

All Onuge teeth whitening solutions are excellent, which results in repeat customers, loyalty, and profit potential. Factory certified by GMPC, ISO 22716, BSCI & SMETA 4P, and Products certified by FDA, CE, CPSR & MSDS, which make the safest teeth whitening products

We help you navigate the complexities of starting a teeth whitening business, from ingredient and formulation selection to delivery systems and packaging. Delivered Whitening Solutions can create custom whitening kits with your logo and artwork packages, with fast turnaround and low minimum quantities - as low as 5000 pieces!

Private Label Teeth Whitening Manufacturer

Wholesale Private Label Teeth Whitening Kit

Custom private label teeth whitening kits -Private label teeth whitening manufacturer supplies

Packaging Options: Custom branded book-style exterior packaging with die-cut tray inserts. Available in hard case or flat pack cartons.

Custom branding options: custom colors and finishes for cartons and inserts. Custom branded primary packaging pens and lights.

Hot Kit Contents: 3 x 3ml Gel Syringes, 1x Silicone tray, Single LED Mini Light, Color Guide, and Instructions on Box.

Easy Add-Ons: Mix and match plastic whitening pens and formulas with a twist or click. Upgrade to aluminum whitening pen.

BEST CHOICE: The perfect primer for whitening. Best-selling product from well-known whitening brands, retailers, and e-tailers. The minimum order quantity starts from 500 pieces.

Private Label Teeth Whitening Manufacturer

where to showcase your brand

Your branded retail teeth whitening kit can be ready in 30 days | High Efficiency Private Label Teeth Whitening Manufacturer

Onuge's experience and expertise in teeth whitening is the foundation of every smile that we help you achieve. Our experts will help you choose the product and level of customization that is right for you. Fully customized teeth whitening kits, complete with retail box, tray and contents made to your specifications, with a production run of 1250...well, you tell us. Advanced options are also available.

Proudly made in China, our teeth whitening products are FDA and ISO registered for safety, great results, and low price. We know the best-selling combinations and will make sure your teeth whitening business fits your needs perfectly. We also give you the flexibility to add our full line of teeth whitening products such as teeth strips, gels, lights, and kits to create your unique custom whitening kit that is guaranteed to make your customers smile and your business thrive!

For over a decade, Onuge has been a leader in serving businesses that help people smile. We have experience working with dentists and DSOs, entrepreneurs, spas and salons, retailers and e-tailers, and global brands that have generated millions of dollars in sales from the products we have helped create.

We offer a complete end-to-end custom branding service so you can create your own brand vision. Whether you're looking to create the perfect teeth-whitening kit or a complete line of teeth-whitening products, Onuge can make it happen.

Let the experts at Onuge Solutions help your business thrive.

Private Label Teeth Whitening Manufacturer

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Private Label Teeth Whitening Manufacturer USA

As a private brand teeth whitening manufacturer, Onuge can provide customers with one-stop private brand services such as customized teeth whitening kits, teeth whitening strips, teeth whitening powder, LED teeth whitening lamps, etc.

White Custom Kit

Packaging Options: Custom Branded Folded Retail Box with Vacuum Tray Insert and Instruction Insert

Custom Branding Options: Custom colors and finishes for retail boxes and inserts. Custom-branded master packaging includes syringes, mini lights, and custom color-fixed boxes.

Hot Kit Contents: 3 x 3ml Whitening Gel Syringes, 1 LED Mini Light, Universal Tray, Large Fixed Box.

EASY ADD-ON: Choose from BRIGHT WHITE or GENTLE WHITE formulations. Shade guide, whitening pen, revitalizing cotton swab.

Best Choice: Our most popular kit. The best whitening kits for all types of brands and retailers. The perfect whitening introduction for all client types. Kit minimum order quantities start at 1000 pcs as shown. Customized product portfolio available.

Teeth Whitening Strips

Packaging options: custom branded pillow pack or folding carton

Custom Branding Options: Custom colors and finishes for folding cartons and inserts.

Top Kit Contents: 14-Day Treatment Clean White - Just the right amount of whitening patches. Available in HP or PAP formulations.

BEST CHOICE: Ideal for corporate brands, retailers, e-retailers, and DTC brands. The minimum order quantity for custom-branded whitening patches is 5000 pieces (14-day treatment each).

Private Label Teeth Whitening Manufacturer

Onuge has helped support thousands of businesses worldwide to achieve great products through our specialized manufacturing solution. We do our best to help our clients go above and beyond and exceed expectations that ultimately satisifies their customers! If you have seen products on Amazon, Ebay, Tiktok, Instagram and other buying websites, or retail stores, there is a good chance that the products were manufactured by Onuge.

Your Private Label Teeth Whitening Manufacturer

Your Private Label Teeth Whitening Manufacturer - Onuge

Passed CE/FDA/CPSR/ISO certification

A teeth whitening business can be run smoothly and with low risk. It shouldn't take too much from a startup, nor should it take too much of the budget, when developing a new product for a big brand. This is not Sinor's style.

At Onuge, our mission is to provide brands large and small with teeth whitening products in a high-quality, fast manner. You can receive your teeth whitening kit with your logo and branding printed on it within 7 days, or within 14 days in your custom box.

No business is too small. We have been a supporter of the teeth whitening business for 10 years and will never stop.

custom brand label

Your brand name is on the label; we never market finished products with our brand name. This gives you the opportunity to make your brand stand out, not ours. Not only do we provide you with high quality products, but we also provide you with services and support to help you successfully define and promote your brand, such as unique product design.

custom brand label

One-stop private label service

Customized Packaging

Private-label teeth whitening packaging allows you to give your product a unique, branded look that will help you stand out from the competition and attract new customers.

Do only high quality

We guarantee that your custom packaging or product manufacturing will be completed accurately and on time. You won't find a better white label teeth whitening partner.

Factory Outlet

By working directly with our factory, you can customize your product to meet your specific needs without additional middleman fees. This allows you to create products specifically tailored to your individual teeth whitening needs.

Custom Formula

You can choose to place your own private label on our standard product line, or we can create formulas that are unique to your brand. If you already have a formula, we can manufacture and package it for you.

One-stop private label service

Private Label Teeth Whitening Products

All teeth whitening products can be private labeled or fully customized at the Cinoll factory. Feel free to send your requirement directly to our team or choose from the categories below to know more details.

Private Label Teeth Whitening Strips

Due to their one-time use and low manufacturing costs, teeth whitening strips are considered a consumable product. However, if you want to make your teeth whitening strips much more memorable, it requires more design and attention to the packaging because most top brands also sell strips and they have the benefits of brand loyalty.

The key to good private label teeth whitening strips lies in the thin bags that are made out of aluminum or plastic. There are two sides to the bag: one for your brand information and the other for the user instructions. We recommend 100% printing on the bag instead of stickers and a customized outer box.

Private Label Teeth Whitening Strips

Private Label Teeth Whitening Powder

Whitening powders come in different flavors and ingredients. Our most popular teeth whitening powder is charcoal teeth whitening powder in a black box. The private label options of a teeth whitening powder is simple: the carrier box.

Since the powder needs to be kept in a dark and cool environment, we highly recommend that you choose a private label box in a dark color such as black. Then there are two packaging solutions: a high-end one and an economical one. High-end whitening powder packaging is private molding, which means you can make any shape or size. The economical one is a round flip-top jar with or without an inside cap. Both can be customized with stickers and paper boxes.

Private Label Teeth Whitening Powder

Private Label LED Teeth Whitening Lights

There are three main types of teeth whitening lights on the market today: replaceable battery lights, magnetically charged lights, and wired teeth whitening lights.

The rechargeable and magnetic lights can have your logo printed around the switch button. And the wired one can print logo or words under the trays. Although the teeth whitening light is usually a part of the kit, it plays an important role in showing the brand since it's the most used items in teeth whitening.

Private Label LED Teeth Whitening Lights

Private Label Teeth Whitening Kits

The most popular products we have manufactured for our customers are teeth whitening kits or mobile teeth whitening kits. Most of the successful customers we met would customize the teeth whitening light, teeth whitening syringe or teeth whitening gel pen, and the whole packaging boxes.

We highly recommend that you send us the logo file of your brand and we'll have our in-house designers help you to create a demo with your own logo. That way you don't have to do PS yourself. Or if you have design files, that would be even better as it will shorten the whole process time.

Customized teeth whitening kits with retail or luxury packaging as well as wholesale teeth whitening kits in bulk.

Private Label Teeth Whitening Kits

Top Teeth Whitening Kit Supplier | Onuge

Onuge ranks top of teeth whitening kit suppliers in China because:

We're professional in custom formula, flavor, containers, and packaging boxes to solve total product manufacturing and shipping.

No matter you are brands, clinic or personal business, our products which are clinically proven, dental grade will offer you the best quality and reputation.

Our teeth whitening kits are certified with CE, FDA and ISO for high quality and safety guarantee.

Onuge teeth whitening kits are fast-acting and long-lasting, with little or no sensitivity and stable shelf life, ensuring the effectiveness of your products.

Our teeth whitening kits can be assembled with various accessories, feel free to mix and match your kit to create your perfect products!

Offer your logo to our designers and don't forget to order your customized packaging box! All shapes, colors, prints are welcome.

Private Label Teeth Whitening Manufacturer

How to Join Onuge as Your Teeth Whitening Kits Manufacturer

The process of finding a contract manufacturer can be long, involved and costly. So be sure to consider all the relevant issues before committing to a contract manufacturer. The benefits of contract manufacturing can be outweighed by the costs of getting it wrong.

1. Evaluate our capabilities

When creating a shortlist of suppliers, compile a list of capabilities. This summary will give you a snapshot of what each manufacturer can offer. Chances are your product will require more than one service, so go down the list and check against their services.

2. Check Experience/Qualification

Does the contract manufacturer have experience in your industry? How many years? What are their current assets and equipment? Do they have the appropriate certifications to work in your industry and produce at the level of quality you require? One of the greatest values manufacturers offer is their proven knowledge in determining the best path to market.

3. Browse our equipment & technology

The right contract manufacturer will have the right technology and equipment for your job. And that means either owning the tools or having access to them within their network.

So if new equipment is needed for a highly customized process, make sure you understand early on who is responsible for paying for it and how long it will take to get it online.

4. Human Resources

Remember, manufacturing rises and falls on people. And that includes the people at the top of the operation all the way down to the bottom.

How competent are the managers and operators? Does your team mesh well with theirs? What about the people on the floor? While you may not be involved in their actual hiring, you do have a vested interest in their training processes to ensure that your product line is matched to the right skill level.

Try Our Products for Free Before You Make Us the Supplier

Private Label Teeth Whitening Manufacturer

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